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卡拉卡拉大浴场  Baths of Caracalla

郭城  Guo Cheng

孙文浩  Sun Wenhao

杨洋  Yang Yang

展期  Duration

2019.03.16 - 2019.04.20

地址  Address

广州市海珠区泉塘路38号十号楼102 广州画廊

Rm102, building No.10, Quantang Rd. No.38, Haizhu Dist., Guangzhou, China

孙文浩  Sun Wenhao

罗马柱 Roman Column 8

雕塑,综合材料  Sculpture, mixed media

50×30×40cm  2018

孙文浩  Sun Wenhao

站在人生的巅峰  Standing on the Peak of Life

雕塑,综合材料  Sculpture, mixed media

21×15×16cm  2018

杨洋  Yang Yang

一块石头  The Stone

石头,大漆,金粉,纸本水墨,尺寸可变  Stone, lacker, gold powder, ink on paper, variable dimension  2015

杨洋  Yang Yang

磨去马鞍  Rub Off the Saddle

黄铜现成品  Ready-made brass product

16×7×16cm  2017

孙文浩  Sun Wenhao

罗马柱  Roman Column  1,2,3,4,5,6

装置,雕塑,综合材料,尺寸可变  Installation, sculpture, mixed media, variable dimension


杨洋  Yang Yang

瓦当  Eaves Tile

瓦当,大漆,金粉  Eaves tile, lacker, gold powder

13×17cm  2015

郭城  Guo Cheng

琥珀 Amber No.001

装置,水泥,电子元件  Installation, cement, electric component

35×17×38cm  2019

孙文浩 Sun Wenhao

罗马柱 Roman Column 7

雕塑,综合材料  Sculpture, mixed media

46×12×16cm  2018

孙文浩 Sun Wenhao

中央银行体验店  Central Bank Experience Shop

LED 滚动屏,打印机,分贝测量仪,艺术微喷,丙烯,尺寸可变  LED, printer, decibel measuring instrument, giclee, acrylic, variable dimension  2018

关于艺术家  About Artists

郭城,1988年生于中国北京,先后获得上海同济大学工业设计工学学士 (BE)与英国皇家艺术学院Design Products文学硕士 (MA),目前生活工作于上海。他的作品大多关注主流或新兴科技对社会与文化方面的冲击与影响,以及置身其中的个体与社会生活之间的关系。

郭城曾参加过的展览有:机器不孤单:机器三部曲 (新时线媒体艺术中心,上海,2018)、时间的狂喜(何香凝美术馆,深圳,2017)、GAMERZ II 电子艺术节 (法国,2015)、Y时代之歌 (OCAT上海,2015)、想象身体边界 (数位艺术中心,台北,2015)、STRP双年展 (埃因霍温,2013)等。曾获得BadAward (荷兰,2017)、Gijs Bakker Awards (合作项目,荷兰,2016),台北艺术自由日评委奖。



杨洋1993年生于中国内蒙古,2013年肄业于云南艺术学院。他这样描述自己的创作:“在我创作的过程中因个人成长环境的地域性影响产生了某些本能反应地敏感,多数的由来都是在生活中各种相遇得到的启发。来自本能对生活的反馈。社会与宗教身份的审视、图示的消解与转换、无用的劳作。不言而喻也缺少了一些给予理性的思考赋予作品某种定义,况且年轻的生命经验又能有多少经得住推敲沉淀,反而也是在于这种阶段的状况中它在生命里已是那么独一⽆二。”曾参与展览“广州美术学院美术馆游戏:关于艺术的研究之模拟人生”,广州美术学院,广州,中国(2016),并入围2016 IMFW 内蒙古青年电影周纪录片短片单元。

Guo Cheng was born in Beijing, China, in 1988. He was graduated from MA Design Products at Royal College of Art (London, UK) and obtained his BE in Industrial Design at Tongji University(Shanghai, China). Currently based in Shanghai. His practice mainly focuses on exploring the interrelation between mainstream/emerging technologies and individuals under the context of culture and social life.

His works were exhibited at Machines Are Not Alone: A Mechanic Trilogy (Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, 2018), The Ecstasy of Time (HE Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen,2017), GAMERZ 11(Aix-en-Provence, France, 2015), The Ballad of Generation Y (OCAT Shanghai, 2015), Imaginary Body Boundary (Digital Art Center, Taipei, 2015), STRP Biennial (Eindhoven, 2013), etc. He was the winner of BADaward(The Netherlands, 2017). His work "An Apophanous Overfitting”(a part of the collective project Tulip Pyramid - A Project of Copy and Identity) won Gijs Bakker Awards(The Netherlands, 2016).

Sun Wenhao was born in Nanyang, China, in 1987. Enrolled in the oil department of GAFA in 2008, currently based in Guangzhou. Sun’s artworks refer to his ordinary living experience, daily news, and a Chinese most popular social application platform - Wechat Moments, etc. His dramatic and humorous visual language attributes to his poetically agrestic representation, monster-like abstracted form, flatten perspectives, and brilliant color palettes. His artworks also illustrate the voice from artists facing the issues of social class isolation and incredible social pressures in China.

Sun Wenhao’s solo exhibition include: Star Film Company, Yell Space, Shanghai, China (2018), ‘Rentals Make Art A Future' - When Studio Become Gallery, Niwo Space, Guangzhou, China (2018), “Nanting-Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Next Basel”, Canton Gallery + Shenzhen 33 Space, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, China (2017), selection of group exhibition: “Awkward”, ShanghART M50,  Shanghai, China (2018), “Moments and More”, OCAT Shanghai, Shanghai, China (2017), China America Exchange Exhibition,RULE Gallery, Denvor, United States (2017)

Yang Yang wasborn in Inner Mongolia, China, in 1993. Drop out from Yunnan Art College in 2013. He describes his creation as: "In the process of my creation, due to the regional influence of my personal growth environment, I had some instinctive sensitiveness. Most of the origins were inspired by various encounters in life and instinctive feedback about life, by examination of social and religious identities, deconstruction and transformation of images, and invalid labor. It is obvious that I also have a missing of some rational thinking and definition of works. Furthermore, few life experiences of young people can stand the scrutiny and precipitation, but it is in this state of phase it has become so unique in its life."

Participated in the exhibition "Art Museum Game of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts: Simulated Life of Art Research", Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China (2016), and shortlisted in IMFW Inner Mongolia Youth Film Week Documentary Short Film Unit in 2016.


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