Rebecca Horn.丽贝卡.合恩Rebecca Horn.丽贝卡.合恩Rebecca Horn.丽贝卡.合恩
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Rebecca Horn





Rebecca horn,1944年出生于德国。她毕业于汉堡的Akademie der Kunste,除了雕塑,Horn制作影片并经常与编写文字为自己的雕塑创作注释。






Rebecca Horn

‘In 1964 I was twenty years old and living in Barcelona in one of those hotels where you rent rooms by the hour. I was working with glass fibre, without a mask or anything, because nobody said it was dangerous, then suddenly I got very sick. For a year I was in a Sanatorium. My parents died. I was totally isolated. That’s when I began to produce my first body-sculptures. I could sew lying in bed.’

Rebecca Horn was born in Germany in 1944. She attended the Akademie der Künste in Hamburg. In addition to sculptures, Horn has made films and often writes text to accompany her sculptural work.

Horn's early work was mainly appendages or prosthetics for the human body. There are long pointy head, shoulder and finger extensions, feather cocoons, masks and fabric strips that inhibit or emphasize bodily movement.

Her later work includes vessels, often glass, filled with liquid. These are sometimes part of a larger installation of various objects, especially mechanized ones.

The example here, River of the Moon: Room of Lovers, is comprised of violins, motors and a bed. It was photographed in the Hotel Peninsular, Barcelona in 1992. The title, the use of a hotel room and the sound of violins conjurs images of
romance; the whimsical placement of multiple violins brings to mind dancing. It is as if the lovers have left the hotel room and we are left with a visual residue of their memories.

Besides creating this installation in a hotel, Horn has also used a school, a beach and a tower where war prisoners were once tortured as sites or her work.
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The Book of Ashes

(detail of cello)

MATERIALS:   steel, mirror, carbon, gold leaf, mechanical structure, ashes, cello, 2 cello bows, mechanical structure and sound
SIZE:   Installation dimensions variable
mirror: 100 x 71 x 4 in (254 x 180 x 10 cm)
mechanical stylus: 168 in (427 cm)
cello: 52.5 x 31 x 43 (133 x 79 x 109 cm)

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Dancing Canvases

MATERIALS:   Motor, brushes, canvases, pigment
SIZE:   h: 300 x w: 140 x d: 40 cm / h: 118.1 x w: 55.1 x d: 15.7 in

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Schwarze Arie

Glass, electric motor, black ink, metal parts
140 x 15 x 15 cm - 60 x 28 x 67 cm
000002 COMA

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Dialogue of the Binoculars


Mixed media
94 x 30 cm
002268 COMG

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Chor der Heuschrecken II

Installation view, Galerie Franck+Schulte, Berlin, 1991
4000 wine glasses, motor to move the floor
450 x 450 cm
Kunsthalle Hamburg

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Chor der Heuschrecken I

Installation view, Galerie Franck+Schulte, Berlin, 1991
35 typewriters, motors, blindstick
60 x 350 x 270 cm
Kunsthalle Hamburg

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Bee's Planetary Map

Rebecca Horn
MATERIALS:   15 straw baskets, wire, motors, broken mirror disk, shattered mirror glass, metal rods, wooden stick, rock, sound, lights
SIZE:   h: 168 x w: 384 x d: 228 in / h: 426.7 x w: 975.4 x d: 579.1 cm

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Hydra Piano

MATERIALS:   Metalbox, rubber, quicksilver, glass, motor
SIZE:   h: 40 x w: 600 x d: 70 cm / h: 15.7 x w: 236.2 x d: 27.6 in

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Thermometre d'Amour


MATERIALS:   Butterflies, glass thermometer and felt-tip pen on metal bracket
SIZE:   h: 190.5 x w: 73.6 x d: 7 in / h: 483.9 x w: 186.9 x d: 17.8 cm

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On the Rocks

MATERIALS:   Rock, shoes, glass funnel, mechanics, motor
SIZE:   h: 185 x w: 55 x d: 40 cm / h: 72.8 x w: 21.7 x d: 15.7 in

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(Butterfly Sculpture) 蝴蝶雕塑

Mixed Media
MATERIALS:   Butterfly, metal construction, motor
SIZE:   h: 3.5 x w: 4.7 x d: 14.2 in / h: 8.9 x w: 11.9 x d: 36.1 cm

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Der Zwilling des Raben


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New York   纽约

Photographs 照片
MATERIALS:   Three photos on Kodak Professional paper

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Cornucopia, Seance for Two Breasts


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Light imprisoned in the Belly of the Whale

Private collection, © Rebecca Horn / DACS 2006,
Installation photographs: Marcus Leith.


Heartshadows for Pessoa, Cinema Verité,

Private collection, © Rebecca Horn / DACS 2006,
Installation photographs: Marcus Leith.

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Rooms meet in mirrors


Der Eintänzer  


La Ferdinanda


Cutting Through the Past

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Zenith of the Ocean #1


Zenith of the Ocean #2

CATEGORY:   Prints 照片
MATERIALS:   C-Print of overpainted photograph
SIZE:   h: 23.5 x w: 31.5 in / h: 59.7 x w: 80 cm

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Blue Monday Strip

Typewriters, ink, metal, and motors, approximately 192 1/8 x 137 inches overall.

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Plexiglas, pumping system, lightning machines, fox machines, water, and ink, dimensions vary with installation.

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Großes Federrad

(Large Feather Wheel)

Installation, 1997

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Pencil Mask

Tate, London © the artist/ DACS 2005

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Unicorn 独角兽

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Senza titolo

olio e tecnica mista su carta
cm 48 X 38


The pope in trees

olio e tecnica mista su carta
cm 48x38

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Luce di Buddha

ghisa, specchi, congegno meccanico, uovo

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Schwarze Arie

dischi in vinile, congegno meccanico, piuma
cm. 50x50x20 ca.

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Risveglio di Primavera

Vetro, ferro, inchiostro di china, libro, termometro, fiori
cm. 110x72x34 ca.

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Senza titolo

Tecnica mista su carta
cm. 48x38

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Rebecca Horn
«Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces: Exercise 6: Rooms Encountering Each Other»

Assisted by a mirror outfit, Rebecca Horn stages a game with perspectives which also becomes a collage of different parts of the body.
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Rebecca Horn
«Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces: Exercise 1: Scratching Both Walls at Once»

Rebecca Horn uses the «Finger Gloves» object to measure the dimensions of an interior space. The scratching of the body extensions is audible.
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Rebecca Horn
«Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces: Exercise 8: Cutting One’s Hair with Two Scissors at Once»

In the first part of this final performance in the series, the actor Otto Sander reads out a passage of text. In the second part, Rebecca Horn cuts her hair. The simultaneity of her two hands' actions, the metallic clipping of scissors, and her resolute stare into the camera heighten the atmosphere of menace.

The Text of Otto Sander:
Tongues flickering, their heads move back and forth until the scaly skin beneath the throat is touching. The instant physical contact is established, they begin to entwine. The aggressive fighting dance of the two partners is characterized by a gradual, mutual loss of momentum and the beating against each other of their forebodies. The jerkily undulating bodies wind so tightly round each other that the two snakemen merge into a single body whose two heads move back and fro in parallel. The fight is decided when the stronger animal has pressed his opponent down against the floor.
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Rebecca Horn
«Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces: Exercise 4: Keeping Those Legs from Touching Each Other»

A black-garbed couple engaged in an attempt to move so synchronously that their legs, which are bound together by white tape, stay stuck together. 'Traitorous acts' – asynchronous movements – are inevitable, but the magnets fixed to the couple's legs unfailingly re-unite them.
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Rebecca Horn
«Memorial Promenade (Buster's Bedroom)»

The film 'Buster's Bedroom' is about two women, one of whom voluntarily and the other involuntarily loses her freedom of movement. The actress Diana Daniels follows the advice of the doctor who does not requite her love; she voluntarily takes the role of a paralyzed person. The second leading actress, Micha Morgan, is looking for her idol Buster and is forced into a straitjacket by the same doctor.
A central element of this film, the wheelchair, today leads a life of its own as an object. Motorized, but with no occupant, it constantly moves within one of the two circles marked on the floor. Apparently completely operational, the wheelchair is equipped with steering, blinkers, and a rear-view mirror. A movable grip arm attached to the left armrest holds a water glass and carries out a pouring movement with it. A straitjacket hangs on a wall, rising and falling at irregular intervals. The wheelchair and the straitjacket are motifs from 'Buster's Bedroom'. Expansion of freedom of movement through the wheelchair and imprisonment in the straitjacket enter a dialectical relationship. In the room installation, the wheelchair and straitjacket lead a life of their own, expressing the absence of the human being and simultaneously his elemental vulnerability.
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rebecca horn

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רבקה הורן
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high moons
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Rebecca Horn, Binoculares Ping Pong, 2008, 2 Ferngläser, Ping Pong-Bälle, Stahl, Elektronik, Motor, 160 x 40 x 35 cm, © Rebecca Horn, © VBK, Wien, 2008, Foto: Heinz Hefele, Darmstadt

Rebecca Horn, Knuggle Dome for James Joyce, 2004, Messer, Metallkonstruktion, Motor, 60 x 110 x 40 cm, Privatbesitz, © Rebecca Horn VBK, Wien, 2008, Foto: Gunter Lepkowski