R3PM3 ——Zhou Yilun works
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——Zhou Yilun works

Artist:ZHOU Yilun

Curator:Inna Xu
Opening :
Address: No. 465, HeFang Street, Hangzhou
Organizer: Inna Contemporary Art Space


Before I met Zhou, I got to know himthrough his work .

I came across Zhou's work in an artexhibition, It was mysterious, strange and absurd, yet displaying unique aesthetics and texture. It made me wonderwhat a cool person the artist would be. Just like I expected, blue knit hat,gigantic earrings, tattoos, oddly shaped black backpack, rainbow colored socks.When he walked towards me, I felt like a warrior from afuturistic tribe is approaching.

Later we communicated more and had fewmore collaboration, it turns out, besidehis unique character, he is actually a person that is rather down-to-earth.Zhou always thinks for others,so he has a lot offriends. during this project, we had many discussion, Icould always feel the honesty and sincerity when we talk. I have visited hismuseum like home atelier many times, the place amusesme every time, because every time I go, I could discover something new andfresh. Zhou binds his life and creative work together, inside his atelier,I could hardly separate home furnishing from art creations,is it a chair or is it an installation, or is it a reconstruction ofa common tool? When you are inside his world, maybe definition is not what'simportant here, you would wonder what is he trying to express , what is hegoing to be doing?

As we are working on the project of"R3PM3 - Exhibition of Zhou's Production", showcasing the idea ofrebuilding of ordinary and old objects. You begin to realize that it isdifficult to define the boundaries of objects, product and art. What kind ofart project is this and what will the exhibition scene be like

Like Zhou said in the interview:"this project is basically me doing what I normally love to do in the nameof art."

——Inna Xu



The doomsday that the legends referreddid not arrive, but the desperate days came after put most people in a tighterspot. Survivors sticks to his own ways of surviving. to them,things that people used to call art,can not be more ordinary.

——ZHOU Yilun

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