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Opening: 4PM. November 23

Date: November 23, 2013 - January 25, 2014

Since 2010, Hu Qing Tai has been collecting eight artists' project plans through buying or providing labor service exchanges. He then followed the plans strictly, and actualized all of them by himself.

As the first comprehensive presentation of this project, the resources and ways of buying for the works will be public, as well as the communication, negotiation and selection Hu conducted with the other artists. The experiment and practice have crossed the boundary of artists’ collaborations, even disobeys the existing commercial rules - deprivation of artists' copyrights, and providing Hu Qing Tai opportunities to practice and play various roles in the art system. The entire project is co-entitled under the eight collected artists' names, in order to avoid the required "creativity" to the role of artists and to keep a distance between their practice and "creation", hence to emphasize the importance of "doing" in the production of art.

Hu Qing Tai was born in Hei Long Jiang Province in 1985. He graduated from Video Media Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts. Hu now lives and works in Beijing.