Thomas Palme - solo exhibition
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Thomas Palme - solo exhibition

The 100 most influential men in history

Works on paper

November 19 2011 - January 8 2012

Opening November 19, 6 - 9 pm

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Thomas Palme is a master in the art of drawing. He both loves and commands the two supreme disciplines of his talent: The portrait and the nude. In his most recent works: "the one hundred most influential men in history" Palme combines both genres in a grotesque manner. Thereby our conception and our experience of reality, sexuality and power are radically questioned.

Anarchists, dictators, artists, historical and fictional figures of past centuries and recent decades are combined into the paradox of a 100 most important chart. What has the human race done with those characters since their existence? How do we treat our ancestors? Has our perception made some of them into preposterous personas automatically? Education transforms us into trained followers of ideological believers of spreadsheets. To assemble an objective and official 100 list is a grim action in its own, desired by people who are looking for a controlled world order. Creators of 100 individuals data defend their reality and impose it on us.