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Artist talk: October 30, 3 pm - 6 pm
Curated by Bai Jiafeng - Contemporary Art 艺术当代 Magazine
Childhood memory plays an important role in everybody's growing experience, which affects the potential of each individual's psychological orientation and emotional sustenance. Childhood memory is caused by the results of selection and reconstruction of when and what they've experienced. Through the fragments of memory, we can tell not only interpretation of the knowledge but also the era of social and identity.
Discussion topics includes two sub-topics:
1."Different field" --- Reverse thouths about childhood memory which has already become a collective memory. First of all, find a common experience and then find out a variety of presence in collective memory by individual differences, at this level, which including how we re-read and rebuild out scene of memory.
2."How do we bury the idol" --- Discuss how does the trend of rapid development change and update quickly. So that the popular which we were accustomed has quickly become to the "nostalgia", which hide the visual landscape of society under the fast development.
Maximilian Moll will present 67 bullets (video) at the artist talk and more works in the group exhibition"Jinsaw" at Chivalrous Cantaloup Commune which deals with childhood memories of the artists.