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Damien Hirst


Damien Hirst was born in Bristol in 1965. He grew up in Leeds with his mother, Mary Brennan, and his stepfather. He took a foundation course at Leeds School of Art before applying for college. He was rejected by St. Martin's but moved to London in 1986 when he was accepted onto the BA Fine Art course at Goldsmiths College, graduating in 1989. While still a student in 1988, Damien conceived, organised and promoted "Freeze", an exhibition held in a Docklands warehouse. The show featured several of Damien's pieces, and work by 16 of his fellow Goldsmith's' students.

达米尔 ·赫斯特1965年生于英国布里斯托尔,现在德文郡居住。80年代末,达米尔 ·赫斯特因成功地策划了几个影响很大的展览而一举成名。他策划的“冰冻(Freeze)”(1988)和“现代医学(Modern Medicine)”(1990)不仅在英国艺术界产生了巨大影响,也掀起了一场“新英国美术”运动。作为一个艺术家,达米尔 ·赫斯特从不让自己束缚在传统的艺术家形象之中。他制作过商业音乐录像,开过饭馆,也创作过流行音乐。他将探索生命、疾病与死亡的关系作为其绘画与雕塑创作的主旨。极少主义和波普艺术的融合与渗透成为他装置艺术的风格,他的作品常给人以冰冷的感觉。例如,他将一条死鲨鱼切割开后分别泡在装满福尔马林溶液的玻璃箱中,很像是自然博物馆的陈列品。他为作品写了一个极为矛盾的标题:“有生命的思想对死亡的无能为力”。在他的装置作品中经常可看到整整齐齐码放着药瓶的药柜,还有码放着各种器具的玻璃柜。生命与死亡、健康与疾病的主题张扬在整齐而冰冷的药柜之间,生与死近在咫尺。在1990年创作的“一千年(A Thousand Year)”中,我们看到无数只苍蝇在疯狂地咬噬着一头死母牛,这是对生命食物链的隐喻。除了装置以外,达米尔 ·赫斯特还创作抽象绘画作品,他的这类作品的风格也并不十分激烈。


The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (1991)

Away from the Flock (1994)

Isolated Elements Swimming in the Same Direction for the Purposes of Understanding (1991)

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home (1996

"Damien Hirst curated the widely acclaimed 'Freeze' exhibition in 1988 while still a student at Goldsmiths College. This show launched the careers of many successful young British artists, including his own. Hirst graduated from Goldsmiths in 1989, and has since become the most famous living British artist after David Hockney.



Damien Hirst curated...

Damien Hirst superstar

In defence of Damien Hirst

Hirst's art: against

Hirst's latest installed at the new Saatchi gallery


Damien Hirst:Goldsmiths graduate




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The Virgin Mother
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This is a pair of circular prints, each circle is made of a pattern of black spots. Although the same size, the different arrangements of these spots make the images appear very different. In one, the spots radiate out in straight lines from a central point, and in the other they spiral outwards. The first arrangement seems very man-made like the raised circles on a manhole cover. In the other the pattern is much more like the art forms found in nature for example in the head of a sunflower.

The patterns also seem to shimmer and move in the way op-art paintings from the 1960’s play tricks with our vision.

It is also interesting to compare these spots with the Braille language, and to find similarities in the way one can read meaning and imagery through touch.

Damien Hirst has been using spots for a number of years in his paintings and also to cover other kinds of surfaces. He was recently commissioned to decorate the exterior and interior spaces of the Tate to Tate boat which he did using large coloured spots to cover large areas of surface.

Exclusively commissioned by eyestorm, Damien Hirst's series of three spot prints represent the first time the artist has made editions based on his famous spot paintings. Due to the size of this image the print is packaged in a specially designed tube.
did you know?
Damien Hirst has said that his spot paintings are about interaction: while the colors are isolated from one another, they still manage to influence each other, interacting across the surrounding white space. All of the spot paintings are named after pharmaceutical compounds, and this allusion to drugs reinforces the theme of interaction - different elements (colors, chemicals, humans...) combining to create a greater influence. Hirst has said that he feels life is a composition, or an interaction between isolated elements.
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Pharmacy 1992

Mother and Child Divided

Image: From the Cradle to the Grave. Artist: Damien Hirst.
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The most famous artist of his generation creates an original that should cause the bidding button to go into meltdown. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own a Hirst one-off, and competition for this design is expected to be fierce. May the best man, woman or pickled shark win!
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Dream a Little Dream  2004
Pills and household gloss paint on canvas

Installation shot 3  2005

Installation shot 2  2005

Installation shot 1  2005

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Gorgeous Concentric 60 Watt Painting
2002  Lacquer on canvas

They have a SKULL in G O L D on a Black background and on the back there is a smaller skull.
These are not for wearing / washing as I believe the design will come off the front. They are artworks and should be framed flat in a stark contrasting frame.

American Sizes are different to our English ones so I can not be sure what size it is.

With Damien Hirst signed posters and doodles selling for Hundreds or Thousands of pounds these are a truely great addition at a VERY affordable price for a GENUINE piece of Damien Hirst Art
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Fig.7 The Sacred Heart  2005
Silkscreen on Somerset satin 410gsm

Fig.6 The Wounds of Christ  2005
Silkscreen on Somerset satin 410gsm

Fig.5 The Wounds of Christ  2005
Silkscreen on Somerset satin 410gsm

Fig.4 The Wounds of Christ  2005
Silkscreen on Somerset satin 410gsm

Fig.3 The Wounds of Christ  2005
Silkscreen on Somerset Satin 410gsm

Fig.2 The Wounds of Christ  2005
Silkscreen on Somerset satin 410gsm
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Among the most influential living artists, Damien Hirst has received both praise and contempt for his thoughtful and often provocative paintings, sculpture, and installations. As an art student at the University of London’s Goldsmiths College, Hirst organized "Freeze" in 1988, an exhibition which launched his career and that of other artists who came to be known as the "YBAs" (young British artists), a group distinguished for confrontational, subversive, and ironic art.

Hirst’s notoriety was exceptional; his celebrity was firmly established in 1991 when he included The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Livingan immense shark suspended in formaldehyde in a glass box - in a exhibition of the YBAs’ art at Charles Saatchi’s London gallery. This motif has become Hirst’s signature and an icon of contemporary art.

In 1995 Hirst won the prestigious Turner Prize, a choice that was neither unexpected nor unanimously appreciated. Critic Martin Maloney thought Hirst "circumnavigated the primary pitfall of much British art - its guilt-ridden distrust of the visual - with superbly finessed aesthetic objects;" while Norman Tebbit’s reaction in the Sun read, "Have they gone stark raving mad? The works of the ‘artist’ are lumps of dead animals."

Hirst’s ambitious and complex work has been credited with reinvigorating the British art scene and drawing a wide public into discussions about art. His materials are sometimes repellent, but his themes - the human condition, mortality, and beauty - are timeless. Hirst has characterized himself as "romantic" and "kind of old-fashioned . . . In terms of ideas."

This presentation of Hirst’s work, dating from 1994 to 2004, has been made possible through generous loans from private collectors and from The Broad Art Foundation, Santa Monica, California.
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Revved … Damien Hirst's Mini was artwork that the building owners objected to.
Photo: Reuters
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达米尔 ·赫斯特1965年生于英国布里斯托尔,现在德文郡居住。80年代末,达米尔 ·赫斯特因成功地策划了几个影响很大的展览而一举成名。他策划的“冰冻(Freeze)”(1988)和“现代医学(Modern Medicine)”(1990)不仅在英国艺术界产生了巨大影响,也掀起了一场“新英国美术”运动。作为一个艺术家,达米尔 ·赫斯特从不让自己束缚在传统的艺术家形象之中。他制作过商业音乐录像,开过饭馆,也创作过流行音乐。他将探索生命、疾病与死亡的关系作为其绘画与雕塑创作的主旨。极少主义和波普艺术的融合与渗透成为他装置艺术的风格,他的作品常给人以冰冷的感觉。例如,他将一条死鲨鱼切割开后分别泡在装满福尔马林溶液的玻璃箱中,很像是自然博物馆的陈列品。他为作品写了一个极为矛盾的标题:“有生命的思想对死亡的无能为力”。在他的装置作品中经常可看到整整齐齐码放着药瓶的药柜,还有码放着各种器具的玻璃柜。生命与死亡、健康与疾病的主题张扬在整齐而冰冷的药柜之间,生与死近在咫尺。在1990年创作的“一千年(A Thousand Year)”中,我们看到无数只苍蝇在疯狂地咬噬着一头死母牛,这是对生命食物链的隐喻。除了装置以外,达米尔 ·赫斯特还创作抽象绘画作品,他的这类作品的风格也并不十分激烈。
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DAMIEN HIRST diamond encrusted skull - ‘For the Love of God’,
image: courtesy White Cube, London

DAMIEN HIRST, . . . For the Love of Money or (Bad) Art Marketing 101.

Damien Hirst & White Cube have put forth an “extraordinary diamond skull,
‘For the Love of God’, a life-size cast of a human skull in platinum, covered entirely
by 8,601 VVS to flawless pave-set diamonds. They want $100,000,000, YES!! that’s
100 million $$ US !!, for it. the story goes something like, its got $30 million worth of diamonds, and therefore the artist and the dealer get to split the remaining 70 million, left over. As of this posting - they haven’t found a taker, yet.
(well, at least the new owner doesn’t have to hire a scuba diver to jump in and clean it, once a week, which Damien’s ‘aquarium/fish tank’ pieces require.)

They have also made available, for the lesser pocket-booked, a series of silkscreens depicting the skull, cutely titled: ‘For the Love of God, Laugh’ !
These silkscreens are in an edition of 250, and they are sprinkled with real diamond dust !! These prints are going for: 10,000 British pounds+VAT

you can see pictures of the skull & prints on the White Cube, LONDON website:
and for the data, check here:

bad enough as that is, a young and slightly eccentric, or is it obsessive, collector,
down in Tribeca - is telling anyone who will listen, the unsubstantiated claim that: ” . . Damien Hirst is the world’s richest living artist, having amassed a personal fortune that clocks in at over: 250 million pounds (US$500 million)”.

to celebrate this top tier OCEANS 11 heist of the artworld:
here’s some never-before-published artlovers photos, from 2005:
The show ran from March 11 - May 21, 2005
Photos: Nancy Smith
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《Untitled Pill and Syringe 》
MATERIALS: Syringes, needles, resin and paracetamol pills on canvas

[21楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 16:24:51
《Superstition plates》

[22楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 16:29:07
《最后的晚餐The Last Supper 》
Color screenprint on wove paper


《最后的晚餐The Last Supper 》
Silkscreen on Somerset satin 410gsm

[23楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 16:33:05
《Painting by Numbers I 》
Canvas, Enamel paints, brushes in presentation case

[24楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 16:34:25
《Dead Head 》

[25楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 16:35:54
《Ho Ho Ho 》

[26楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 16:38:21
《The Eucharist 》

[27楼] 小mo 2008-11-04 17:14:10
《New Religion 》

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我不明白为什么大部分人不怀疑医学,却不信任艺术,也不质疑它。——达米安·赫斯特(Damien Hirst),1997

L&M艺术近期举办的达米安·赫斯特的个展,将展出其早期的“性手枪”药品柜系列装置。这些作品自从1989年以来还没有一起展出过,每一个药柜的名字都来源于“性手枪”乐队1977年的首张专辑《Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols》中的歌曲名称。

像作品“Bodies”,“Problems”, “Liar”和“No Feelings”都创作于1989,也是其在伦敦Goldsmiths艺术学院的毕业展中展出的作品,这是赫斯特人生的突破时刻。赫斯特的药品柜构成的静物画表达了人体的缺陷和脆弱点,医药干预取代了身体本身而作为叙事的载体,也就是艺术家必须学会的、摆出一种英雄姿态来表达他的意图。


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