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Konstantin Bayer | Laurent Friquet | 李海峰 Li Haifeng | 林清 Lin Qing | Thomas Palme | 何塞邦He Saibang | Lars Wild |秦一峰Qin Yifeng | 胡子Hu Zi

SEPTEMBER 6 2011 – SEPTEMBER 26 2011 / 2011年09月06日 -2011年09月26日
Opening reception September 6 2011, 6 pm - 9 pm 开幕酒会 2011年09月06日
We are pleased to announce the opening of Joint - a group show presented by stageBACK and Eastlink. It is our first collaboration with Eastlink since we moved in with them in July 2011.
The exhibition showcases the recent works of 9 artists from China and Europe. It will give the Shanghai audience a rare opportunity to witness some of the most dynamic and diverse works on paper and canvas as well as a body of work that includes objects and installations titled "fragments and defragmentations" by German artist Konstantin Bayer and a life performance during the opening ceremony by French artist Laurent Friquet.
展览展示了来自中国和欧洲的9艺术家的近期作品。它将给上海观众一个难得的机会见证一些纸张和画布上最具活力和多样化的作品,以及一大堆的工作包括由德国艺术家 Konstantin Bayer创作的题为《fragments and defragmentations》的装置艺术以及法国艺术家Laurent Friquet在开幕式的现场艺术表演。
Live performance 《"Make Room #3. Pogonirique"》 by Laurent Friquet, September 6 2011, 7:30 pm
法國藝術家Laurent Friquet在2011年9月6日晚上7:30 的現場藝術表演 《"Make Room #3. Pogonirique"》
Laurent Friquet is a performer. He uses his body as his subject of reflection and projection. The man without a head is one of his alter egos. It is a dream to lose its head, to be detached from our senses, our vision and our world. 《"Make Room #3. Pogonirique"》 is a costumed performance that includes a video installation, live guitar playing and obscure sounds circling around Friquet's created persona "the headless man".
Laurent Friquet是一位表演者。他用他的身体作为反应和投影的对象。没有头的人是他的改变自己我的作品之一。这是一个梦,失去了它的头,从我们的感官、我们的视觉和我们的世界脱节。 《"Make Room #3. Pogonirique"》个被包括视频装置、现场吉他表演以及晦涩的声音盘旋在Friquet创作的"无头男人"的周围所装扮在一起的表演。