Live performance by french artist Laurent Friquet
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« Make Room # 3. POGONIRIQUE » is a costumed performance that includes a video installation, live guitar playing and obscure sounds circling around Friquet's created persona "the headless man".
《Make Room # 3. POGONIRIQUE》是一个被包括视频装置、现场吉他表演以及晦涩的声音盘旋在Friquet创作的“无头男人”的周围所装扮在一起的表演。

Artist statement:

In my work, the voice is permanently in the air. Not in words, not as singing, just as the voice - as it is spoken, shouted, hummed, or whispered. The voice as fluid, continuous expression.

Like a glance, a penis, excrement, and nothingness, Lacan placed it into the category of "objects to". A vast area …
一目了然,阴茎,粪便和虚无,Lacan把他们放在了“对象”的类别之中。地域辽阔... ...

The source of sound – visible or invisible. These sounds and voices which are neither completely inside, nor clearly outside, are a direct influence on my shots: because maybe it is there, with these voices and sounds left roaming at the surface of an image, that the power of photographic cinema comes into play. Visualized listening. As if the voice roamed on the surface, at the same time outside and inside, struggling to find a place to settle. Especially as the body that lives within the voice has not been shown as yet. Being everywhere, seeing everything, knowing everything, being capable of everything. In other words: ubiquity. Someone passing himself off as somebody else, someone who does not say whence he speaks, pre-recorded material emerging from a mechanism. Does the voice not have a link of proximity with the soul, with the shadow, with the double, with these insubstantial replicas of the body, detachable, that survive it in death and sometimes even leave it during life?
With "Make Room * 3. Pogonique" the ambiguity reaches its paroxysm: a character without head and producer of sounds…


《 Make Room * 3. Pogonique 》歧义达到了顶峰:一个无头的角色和声音的生产者... ...

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