Colors 81-TRANSPORT homemade vehicles from around
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In the heart of the Chinese megalopolis, the magazine “about the rest of the world” presents the exhibition TRANSPORT: homemade vehicles from around the world.

COLORS is going to Shanghai to present an exhibition inspired by its latest monographic issue, Transport. The magazine, presented in the form of a survival guide, explores where, why and how individuals are inventing new ways of getting from A to B.

Intricate transport networks over land, sea and air are wrapping the earth in a thickening web of routes, vehicles and trade. Oil powers over 90% of transport, but this resource is running out fast. In the not-too-distant future we will no longer be able to fill the tanks of the 140 million cars driven in the United States today, nor move from port to port the 100 million freight containers loaded every year onto cargo ships, nor keep in the air the 500,000 people who at this very moment are flying somewhere around the world.

Through photographic reportage, illustration, video, and the original vehicles themselves, this exhibition in the beautiful Hong Miao Gallery – a converted Taoist temple – takes the visitor on a quirky tour of unusual transport from around the world. Brilliant inventors and their ingeniously resourceful transportation created due to poverty, local material constraints or simply in the pursuit of dreams.

6 – 18 September 2011

Hong Miao Art Gallery
50 Shitan Lane
496 East Nanjing Road
Shanghai – China

Gallery Opening hours
10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.