Opening Lost and Found
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[楼主] stageback 2011-06-26 16:24:45
From July 9th to August 31th there will be an gorgeous art-exhibition at stageBACK gallerie @ m50! For ore information read the following text. for party come to the opening on july 9th!

Lost and found 轮回

What is loss, what is discovery, what is new and what is old? In the exhibition Lost & Found, to be held at stageBACK Gallery, a group of artists from around the world explore the issues of dislocation, re-discovery, the transient life and re-invention of objects and ideas, concepts that bring the viewer and artwork into close collaboration within the space. There is a Chinese saying, the mind of attachment to loved ones and objects is like water, the mind of hatred burns like fire, the mind of ignorance forgets what to keep and what to throw away, and abandoning one’s country is the greatest Buddhists’ practice. So this group of diverse and multinational artists explore these issues within their work.

Following the eviction in May 2011 of around 70 artists and galleries from Shanghai’s 696 Weihai road studio complex (see the Art Newspaper

this arts diaspora have migrated to different spaces around the city. Lost & Found is the first exhibition by stageBACK Gallery in its new location at M50, Shanghai. So for this exhibition, not only the artwork is Lost & Found, the gallery itself is re discovering and reinventing itself.

• As one who in his journey breaks at Noon,

• Though bent on speed, so here the Archangel paus'd

• Betwixt the world destroy'd and world restor'd,

• If Adam aught perhaps might interpose;

• Then with transition sweet new Speech resumes.

• Thus thou hast seen one World begin and end;

• And Man as from a second stock proceed.

• Much thou hast yet to see, but I perceave

• Thy mortal sight to faile; objects divine

• Must needs impaire and wearie human sense:

• Henceforth what is to come I will relate,

• Thou therefore give due audience, and attend.

• This second sours of Men, while yet but few;

• And while the dread of judgement past remains

• Fresh in thir mindes, fearing the Deitie,

• With some regard to what is just and right

• Shall lead thir lives and multiplie apace.

From Milton, Paradise Lost, book 12.
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