NEW AGE: NEW MEDIA – Australia-China nternational
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NEW AGE: Australia-China nternational New Media Arts Exhibition

Artists: Bu Hua, Miao Xiaochun,Han Bing, Zhang Xiaotao, Shen Shaomin,
TseKal/YakTse Ten .Grant Stevens, Jess MacNeil, James Newitt,
Richard Bell (TBC), Merilyn Fairskye, The Kingpins.

The New Age: New Media project involves established Australian and Chinese new media artists exhibiting in Central Academy of Fine Art, Xiamen International Airport, Hangzhou Art Fair, Songzhuang Art Museum, Jinan International Exhibition Centre, The Back Space Lhasa, Xi’an Art Museum, and venues in Australia.

The project, curated and managed by Reg Newitt, is a collaborative venture between China Art Projects, Digital Art China and International Digital Art/Queensland University of Technology.

The thematic rationale of the exhibition takes a broad interpretation of ‘social environments’ as the curatorial idea under-pinning the selection of artworks.

The video and digital works address a range of personal and social issues – self-reflection; marginalised and displaced groups; values and beliefs; gender; the environment; social conflicts and social mores. Moving, humorous and revealing, the social and personal histories intersect and question stereotypes of Australia and China.

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