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A large-scale exhibition at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in the 798 Art District of Beijing offers art lovers a feast of contemporary art created by several renowned Chinese artists.

Entitled Museum on Paper: Twelve Chinese Artists, the exhibition brings together the works of a dozen artists from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. All the artists are established names and well known both at home and on the international art scene. Their representative works here appear promising and are open to all.

Works on display at the exhibition include a wide range such as oil paintings, sculptures, installations, video works and performance art from the big names of the international art world, such as Liu Xiaodong, Wang Guangyi, Gu Wenda and Shu Qun.

Works from famous artists Chen Chieh-Jen from Taiwan and Pak Sheung Chuen from Hong Kong are also part of the exhibition.

Among the works on display are several of Liu Xiaodong's oil paintings, namely, Horse Market, Burning Mouse and Disobeying the Rules. Some of these were created in the 1990s while others were done more recently. There are some handwritten exhibits revealing his reflections behind the creation process.

Sharing the limelight at the show is Gu Wenda's video installation From China Red to China Green, which shows both his works Heavenly Lantern and Tea Palace that had been exhibited in Brussels during the Europalia China Art Festival in October of 2009. Also on display is his latest work, China Park, a model of future city planning that he created in 2010.

All 12 artists were featured last year on the cover of the art magazine Contemporary Art & Investment.

The magazine is sponsored by the Spain-based International Art & Culture Foundation, and so is Iberia Center for Contemporary Art.

Xia Jifeng, curator of the exhibition, said the aim of the exhibition is to present "the art scene of Chinese artists who both work and live in and outside China."

The exhibition is scheduled to run until March 6.

Text Source: Global Times(By Wu Ziru)



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