Ai Weiwei's Shanghai studio torn down
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Ai Weiwei's Shanghai art studio is torn down without interference

source: Global Times

By Shen Weihuang in Beijing and Tang Zhao in Shanghai

A crew of workers tore down the Shanghai studio of Ai Weiwei Tuesday, a development the outspoken artist said was linked to two controversial documentaries.
Demolition crews under the orders of Jiading district officials showed up at the studio at 6 am Tuesday and began working.
A construction worker at the scene told a Global Times reporter that they would complete tearing down the studio sometime Wednesday.
There were more than 16 workers and three diggers at the spot.
"No conflict happened, po:ice also came this morning to maintain order," he said.
Chen Jie, director of the urban construction department in Malu township, told the Global Times they informed Ai his new studio would be destroyed but not the specific day and time.
"We told them the studio would be demolished within a certain period of time, but there was no specific time given," Chen said.
The demolition notice was issued on October 19 and it said the studio failed to follow proper application procedures. more

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