aww shanghai studio to be destroyed
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Ai Weiwei's studio in Shanghai will be destroyed.

Considered as an illegal constructions (as many of them in China), the building will be destroyed. However some people believe that this is also related to the artist background and actions.

Ai Weiwei organized a “River crab feast” (sound as Harmonious feast in Chinese) in response to this destruction. His studio established on 240 LiucunRoad, Malu Dagu village, Jiading district, Shanghai, will soon be destroyed.Therefore Ai Weiwei planed a huge feast on November 7 serving crabs and yellow wine.To attract even more participants, Ai Weiwei will offer some of the seeds remaining from the work exhibited at the TurbineHall at the moment. On April 2010, Ai Weiwei also organized an eventof this kind, called “Food, drunk” (the Chinese words sound as commit a crime, where more than 200 people participated). Ashe was going back to Shanghai he was questioned. This type of events weren’twelcome in Shanghai. In fact, Ai Weiwei said he wouldn’t do anything of thiskind during the period of the Expo.

Then adecision was taken to destroy his studio to avoid any activity of this kind...

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