[Views] By Day By Night at the Rockbund Museum
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Opening: October 25, 2010, Monday 10:00
Exhibition dates: October 25, 2010 to January 3, 2011, Monday at 18:00
Venue: Rockbund Museum
in Chinese: 上海 黄浦区 外滩美术馆及中实大楼

The exhibition opened between the day and the night, and was composed of a night section and a day section. Aside from the works exhibited on the opening day, some other works will be added during the exhibition process, including talks. Artists will be asked to recommend two films they like which will then be projected.

[Museum official introduction ]

In Hou Hanru’s conception, By Day, By Night is by no means a conventional exhibition, but an open-ended result of each single artist’s understanding and experience of Shanghai - the cultural backdrop of the project. They have brought about new perspectives to illustrate the transformation of urban life, and in the meantime, constructed their own connections with such a backdrop in their signature styles. This new relationship ushers in more experimental efforts and original creation in their works, in which sense the “exhibition” has evolved into a dynamic and complex process of production and communication beyond the conventional mode of curation. more...


崔正化/ Choi Jeong Hwa
聂德科•索拉科夫/ Nedko Solakov
彼得罗.加布里塔.萊斯/ Pedro Cabrita Reis
山姆.萨摩尔/ Sam Samore
沙兹亚.西莰达/ Shahzia Sikander
杜韵/ Du Yun
孙逊/ Sun Xun
涂維政/ Tu Weicheng
周铁海/ Zhou Tiehai
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Korean artist, Choi Jeong Hwa, designed various installations, purposely using cheap materials.

An installation of Tu Weicheng is presented on each level of the museum. He almost recreated a certain explanation on classic aesthetics.

The cinema designed by Choi Jeong Hwa includes LV patterns.

A film by Sam Samore is being projected: Illusionary Paradise

Sun Xun's animation film and sketches

On the opening day, sound artists Dun Yun, Shahzia Sikander and Wang Changcun collaborated and presented a sound piece together.

Shahzia Sikander 's animation film

Nedko Solakov's work shows his plane phobia attitude. Invited for the exhibition he spent 14 days to come to China, carrying a plastic toad bought in Chinatown.

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Opening and public

Shanghai artist Zhang Qing

Beijing artist Chen Wenbo

Beijing artist Wang Jianwei