Between the lines – Elisabeth Grübl’s solo exhibit
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Between the lines – Elisabeth Grübl’s solo exhibition

Opening: October 16th, 2010, Saturday, 17:00
Exhibition dates: October 17th to November 7th, 2010, Tue-Fri 10:00 – 18:00
Venue: MadeIn Space
4/F, Bldg 7, 50 Moganshan Road 200060 Shanghai
T: +86 21 62985696 / F: +86 21 62504562

Elisabeth Grübl's exhibitionhas an inbuilt improvisational facility for making interesting things happen.New relationships are playfully created moment by moment. Work by work,coherence rises and falls, again and again, only to arise afresh. With elementsof interaction, poetics of sound, metaphors of order and its displacement, theexhibition offers a wide range of interpretations. Metaphors abound and createelbow room for singularity and individuality, and a playful creativity thattags along. In this game of seeming randomness, it is up to the individualvisitor to excerize their own reading and create their own sense of meaning.

(by Maia Damianovic)

Exhibition views

f II, f III, f IV /sound installation / 2006
f II, f III, f IV / 声音装置 / 2006

Sounds produced with instruments like electronic keyboards anddrum-computers build the very basic material in Elisabeth Grübl´s sound-pieces.Through intuitive computer manipulation, Grubl develops these sounds intoabstract, non-melodic, often minimalistic works. Though they intentionally neglect traditionalcomposition and even conceptual approaches, they result in stringent works ofart. With a strong emphasis on the drone as a central musical material and withjust very few ephemeral modulations, the compositions "f II", „f III“and „f IV“ represent a rigorous example of Grubl’s artistic concept, findingits parallels also in the artist’s other very reductive and strictly focusedworks of art.

(by Ute Pinter)

Artist Wu Shanzhuan on the left

Untitled(O.T.) / interactive installation / 2006
无题 / 互动装置 / 2006

Four fully functionalmassage mats are installed as objects on the wall. Exhibition visitors have theopportunity to use the mats in different ways. They can control massagingvarious body regions and regulate the intensity, speed and time intervals.
When in use, the matsproduce a constantly changing sound, depending on how the people use them.

Elisabeth Grubl with ShanghArt director Lorenz Helbling

inside_outside / object / 112 cm x 26 cm / 2010
内_外 / 静物 / 112 cm x 26 cm / 2010

Made from wood and paintedblack, letters composing the words "inside_outside" are installed asa wall object.
However, the letters overlapand obscure an easy reading of the phrase.
Likewise, the overlapping ofthe words effects a semantic disorientation: neither word, neither inside, noroutside, sustains its own individual referential clarity.
The semantic space - themeaning of both terms - becomes symbiotically bound, asking from the viewer toreflect on the complexity of meaning inherent to language and the space of"reading" itself.

go to the left_ go to the right / photograph / 110 cm x 80 cm / 2009
向左走_向右走 / 摄影 / 110 cmx 80 cm / 2009

In the colour photograph" go to the left _ go to the right, we can see two seemingly contradictoryimperatives. But, the two sentences overlap, making the imperative statementconfusing and displacing the sense of both.

k I / installation / 2010
k I / 装置 / 2010

Averageindustrial scaffolding stands in the gallery with speakers on top emanating anabstract and low volume electronic sound. Upon listening for a while, thevisitor can notice slight and subtle, almost imperceptible, changes in thesound.

Nonetheless,simple scaffolding can spin numerous references.
Mostimmediately, scaffolding suggests a tool of construction and deconstruction, ora means of change.

The othersignificant elements of the installation, the speakers emanating the soundsfrom the top, offer visitors other possible interpretations.

[沙发:1楼] art-pa-pa 2010-10-21 16:29:19
Scan / video / 2000
扫描 / 录像 / 2000

Aviewing strip moves slowly from top to bottom and back again across the screen.After a face is “taken” in this way, the next appears and is subjected to thesame procedure. Each characteristic of the depicted person is perceivedindividually and cannot be put together to form a concrete, total image.

Artist Zhou Zixi (right) and son (left)

ShanghArt gallery art director and artist Shi Yong (left) with Elisabeth Grubl (right)

Artist Jin Feng (junior)

MadeIn Company director Xu Zhen (left) and Vigy

Artist Yang Zhenzhong