the CORD OF REXA - "le midisage"
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Dear friends, art lovers, art nerds and collectors,


we cordially and colorfully invite you to celebrate the birth of the creatures that were born during Barbara Anna Husar's residency at stage 候台BACK. Please join us on Thursday September 23, from 5 - 9 pm to the CORD OF REXA - "le midisage"!

我们诚挚并且色彩斑斓地邀请您参加这个奇妙的诞生仪式——Barbara Husar在stage候台BACK驻留期间创造的生物。欢迎您加入我们,恐龙之链的“ 中点派对”9月23日晚上5点至9点!

"Unusual creatures from ancient times are found in the work of European artist Barbara Anna Husar (b. 1975, Austria). Giant lizards are born in her studio. Mystical, archaic, and yet bright and cheerfully coloured, her living fossils are powerful ambassadors between times past and the present. For her larger-than-life acrylic paintings she employs seed and rice sacks as her canvas – a metaphor for the growth, evolution, and transformation of cultures."

“而如此不寻常的东方古生物在欧洲艺术家Barara Anna Husar(1975年奥地利生)的作品里出现了。巨型蜥蜴在她的工作室诞生。神秘古老,色彩却又那般明亮愉悦,她的活的化石不正是联系古老与将来的使者嘛!在尺寸远远大于实物的丙烯酸绘画上,她尝试使用种子和米袋作为画布——来进行一场关于文化的成长,革命,变形的实验隐语。”

Don't hesitate to visit the WORLD EXPO FLOCK in their virtual barn:

不要犹豫来我们的视觉圈落一睹这个异想天开的 世博动物群!

Best regards!



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