[View] The Garden of Pine - Also Fierce Than Tiger
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Yangjiang group

Tang Art Center (Beijing)
2010-8-14 - 2010-9-30

text source: culture 360.org

Tang Contemporary Art Gallery is currently hosting the exhibition “Garden of Pine – Also Fierce Than Tiger II” by the Yangjiang Group. The Yangjiang Group is an artistic group founded in 2005 by Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin. They use Chinese calligraphy as the unique media to develop diverse contemporary art practices.

The Yangjiang Group is a continuation the Yangjiang Calligraphy Group founded in 2002. The group works and lives in Yangjiang, a small city in Guangdong Province. This trio is unique because they continue working in this little town, unlike artists all over China who work either in Beijing or Shanghai. The trio intentionally avoid the political and cultural centres in order to stay clear of the grand narrative.

The current works shown in this solo exhibition are a completed version of the previous “Garden of Pine – Also Fierce Than Tiger” which was presented in the Lyon Biennale in 2009. The Group transformed a space in Tang Contemporary Art Gallery into a playground where traditional and Western habits and ways of spending free time are combined. In an elegant surrounding appropriate for old Chinese poems, paintings and such, one can see groups of people drinking alcohol and playing dice.

The group recreates the life space in Southern Chinese context, exploring how a story could be constructed within limited elements such as trees, bridge, pond, waterfall, which suggested by Chinese classical philosophy meantime nevertheless confront with the social transformation and global movement, there, calligraphy becomes the metaphorical illustrations to imply the life uncertainty and mystery.

Their exhibition gives also a sense of how the three artists can harmoniously work together and unite in one artistic concept.

The exploration of these two Chinese artists and one group is an enriching experience leading to spiritual insights. The three exhibitions provide foreigners with a glimpse of what is a true reflection of the contemporary Chinese art world.

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