John Moores (Shanghai) Contemporary Painting Prize
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John Moores (Shanghai) Contemporary Painting Prize Exhibition
Sponsor: British John Moores Foundation
Co-organizers: Liverpool Biennial, Shanghai University College of Fine Arts, Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund

Duration: August 14th – August 30th, 2010
Location: Shanghai Gallery of Art @ Three on the Bund
Address: No.3 the Bund 3rd Floor 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road Shanghai

We are pleased to announce that The John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, UK’s best-known art competition, with a history of over 50 years, has been launched for the first time outside of Liverpool in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund is honored to host this prestigious competition and resulting exhibition.

Starting with 2010’s inaugural competition, The John Moores (Shanghai) Contemporary Painting Prize will become a biannual event in China, helping to promote the country’s rising art stars and set a standard for artistic excellence. Shanghai’s competition upholds the key principles of the John Moores Foundation: “to explore, train, and encourage artists who create contemporary paintings with modern media”.

For the 2010 prize 1135 applications were submitted from all over China. Three judges from the UK - Lewis Biggs (Curator, Director of Liverpool Biennial), Peter Jackson (Critic), Peter MacDonald (Artist) - and two from China - Gu Wenda (Artist), and Zeng Fanzhi (Artist) - came together to vote for the selected artworks and finalize the winners. From August 14th to August 30th, 2010 twenty eight of the best artworks will be exhibited at the Shanghai Gallery of Art. Out of these twenty eight works five winners will be announced on the opening night. The prize winning artworks will then travel to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, UK and be exhibited alongside this year’s UK prize winners. This exhibition will be part of the Liverpool Biennial festival in September 2010.

Shanghai University’s College of Fine Arts is the local co-organizers of this momentous event. Wang Dawei, the dean of the college states, “The aim of this competition is to introduce rich and colorful Chinese contemporary art to the world; help artists abroad understand the various aspects of Chinese contemporary art; and improve cultural exchange between China, the U.K., and the rest world.

At the same time academic exchange and discussion between the Chinese and British members of the jury has helped to advance critical methodology for Chinese contemporary painting. This cooperation creates a brand new pattern for communication between China and the U.K. in the field of contemporary art. It also provides a new paradigm for the academic standard of Chinese contemporary art.”

What magic ingredient in the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize formula makes it possible to apply the competition to different cultural settings? Judge Lewis Biggs provides us with some insight, “I was a juror for the John Moores 17 in 1991. It was only by participating that I understood the full significance of the process. The unusual (possibly unique) characteristic of the John Moores is that the judging is done anonymously. Most of our judgments about art are made on the basis of what we know rather than what we see. We are influenced by knowing that an artist’s work commands high prices in the sales room; that it has been shown in a prestigious museum; that it’s been bought by this or that collector or dealer; that it was reviewed favorably (or not) by a famous critic or ‘personality’. Above all, maybe the artist is someone we like (or don’t like), or someone to whom we owe a favor. In most art competitions, these are the factors that influence the judges’ decision. Anonymous judging renders irrelevant all these factors. Instead, the judges have to rely on their eyes, informed, of course, by their general knowledge of art. What you see is what you get.

That is one of many defining reasons that have enabled the John Moores Prize to be so popular with artists trying to ‘break in’ to the art milieu, as well as with the general public. The supposition is that the art has been judged ‘on its own merits’ by experts who are ‘seeing’ exactly what the general public sees. Every viewer is able to compare his or her own ability to assess value in art directly with the ability of the jurors.

Furthermore, five individual minded means that there are five points of view about what kind of art is most significant at a given moment. If the jurors respect each other’s point of view, this means the final selection will show variety, and will also represent better overall quality of the art than a show selected to be a polemic.

To further emphasize this point, imagine the paintings as fruit - how boring would it be to have just one kind of fruit! How much more interesting would it be to have many different kinds? But in judging quality, no-one compares apples with pears – we compare apples with apples and pears with pears. If you are polemically in favor of apples, you discard all the pears (however wonderful those pears are). But if you keep the variety of fruit but discard the poor examples, you are left with the best pears and the best apples. The John Moores judging process begins by comparing paintings of the same kind, and ends by discarding all but the best of each kind. Provided the five jurors have five different points of view, then you get just the very best paintings in the view of each juror, with no second rate paintings included!”

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