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July 17, 2010 - September 15, 2010
UCCA Nave, White Cube & Black Box
Curators: Jérôme Sans, UCCA Director
Project Coordinator:Joy Bloser

Leading Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm is an artist like no other. With each new work, he reinvents the vocabulary of sculpture and turns the lexicon—and occasionally his audience—on its head. Using simple materials, everyday objects, wry wit and written instructions that invite people to interact with his sculptures, Erwin Wurm makes spectators into active participants and encourages them to poke fun at the paradoxes of contemporary society.

Is Narrow House charmingly slender or claustrophobically cramped? Are the standing box sculptures fashion plates, fashion victims or simply well-dressed squares? Are the one-minute sculptures earnest reminders that all art, even sculpture, is ephemeral, or are they just lists of absurd and impossible tasks?

In Narrow Mist , Erwin Wurm's first exhibition at UCCA, the artist leaves these questions to his audience. To experience his artwork is to become a work of art yourself.
- Jérôme Sans, UCCA Director

Through the Eyes of Erwin Wurm

Whether he's creating unconventional pairings of items in "one-minute sculptures," grafting human obesity onto houses and cars or dressing cardboard boxes in prêt-a-porter, Erwin Wurm blurs the boundaries of sculpture and challenges us to see the world in different ways.

Wurm's Narrow House might look like a funhouse, but it raises disturbing questions about the terror of having our personal space constricted, restricted or invaded. By tackling serious subjects in a lighthearted manner, Erwin Wurm gets his message across. "If you approach things with a sense of humor," he says, "people immediately assume you're not to be taken seriously. But I think truths about society and human existence can be approached in different ways. You don't always have to be deadly serious."

Seeing the world through Erwin Wurm's eyes does more than bring a smile to our faces, it opens our minds to unfamiliar ideas and helps us experience the world in new and weirder ways.
- Zheng Yan, Head of Art Department


Dear Mr. Wurm,
If I can't fit in your Narrow House, is it all right if I peek through the windows? --Xiao Pangzi

Yes, why not? It's possible. Or maybe if you go in the house, you'll get stuck in one of the rooms. I can't make any guarantees you won't get stuck.

Dear Erwin,
Are your box statues anatomically correct? If not, how do you tell the male boxes from the female? I tried looking under their clothes, but it was really, really hard to tell. --name withheld

At the moment, there are just male boxes, no femaleboxes. Don't ask me why - I have no idea. An inner voice told me just to make male boxes.

Dear creator,
I need to access the Internet. Would it be possible to install broadband in one of my rooms, or would it have to be "narrow-band"? Please advise. --The Narrow House

No, you can install normal-band because the narrowness is just related to the house, for this specific work, this specific house. I'm not going to force other things to be narrow.

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