Zen Foto Beijing, Pawel Jaszczuk 'Kinky City
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Zen Foto is a hutong photography gallery displaying interesting works from Japan and China. We hope you will enjoy our next exhibtion by Pawel Jaszcuzuk, 'Kinky City'. Depicting the fantastical world of underground nightlife in Japan, these beautiful photographs will certainly cause a stir.

“Kinky City”
Photography by Pawel Jaszczuk

At Zen Foto Gallery, Beijing, China
23rd July 2010 ~ 15th of August
Opening party: 7pm- late 23rd July 2010

Pawel Jaszczuk depicts Tokyo decadence in “Kinky City”.

Material needs were satisfied a long time ago. Societies still crave economic growth, yet that growth brings no more happiness. As this seeps into consciousness, each society in turn enters a stage of decadence.

Tokyo residents live lives of rigid convention. Daily behavior follows the codes, and Tokyo is the politest, quietest, most well-ordered and civilized big city in the world. But at night some exchange those conventions for the rules of the underground clubs. Here the salaryman is trussed up like a turkey, he is teased, humiliated and tortured. He takes it all and comes back for more. The OL (office lady) removes her modest white blouse and black knee-length skirt, revealing navel piercings and a dramatic tattoo between her breasts. She may insert several metal hooks into her back or sew her arm to her chest. For a long night that seems curiously short they explore and test the boundaries of the taboos.

And on Monday morning they wake in their suburban apartments, put back on their suits and white blouses and head off once more into the Kinky City.

Text by Mark Pearson, Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
29th April 2010

“Piggy costumes, dolls, needles and thread, it´s girl play material. Grown ups play too. In a city where restraint and seriousness are the rules that produce a collective harmony difficult to find elsewhere, at night some people leave their working suits and go play in the huge circus of sex.

The choice is huge: fetish parties, fetish bars, happening bars, private sex parties,… The list of places, situations, events and people never ends. In Kinky city the fetish sex scene is so massive that it takes a long time to grasp the fire that pushes those adventurous and naughty boys and girls. People who look like real dolls, dolls who look like real people, hooks, dildos, ropes, leashes… Some of these sensations maybe are not as alien to people unfamiliar with those practices. The touch of leather, the strange pleasure of toying with a needle… But what pleasure is there for a woman in being tied, and hung by skilled hands in the shibari art and penetrated with an incandescent candle? What obscure, hard to identify need does the woman´s husband fulfill? The swingers that just had sex with other couples, how do they dissociate love from sex? What´s the subtle enjoyment of being watched by the public while your girlfriend blows a guy and you ride the guy´s wife?

It´s the quest for the unknown, maybe the forbidden, inconfessable dreams shared by people who find in Kinky city a goodness that allow her servants the elixir that no other city can provide.”

Pawel Jaszczuk

Zen Foto Beijing located in the alley across from Fangjia Hutong 46 Creative area, 31 Gongyi Xiang, Guozijian, Dongcheng, Beijing

For more information contact Laura Tinley at laura@zen-foto.jp