Ho Chi Minh Trail - Long March Project
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Ho Chi Minh Trail

Initiated by the Long March Project, Ho Chi Minh Trail aims to be a collaborative contemporary arts project in the implementation of physical, discursive, and artistic activities between China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

This project aims to involve multiple individuals (visual artists, writers, historians, film makers, performers, musicians etc), artistic organizations and institutions (public and private) from across this region and its diaspora. Discussions, lectures, public forums, informal screenings of historical and contemporary visual material, new art works, performances, new imaginings, new texts - all will be created, shared, exhibited, documented, and distributed, in the spirit of artistic exchange that is recognized as foundationally paramount to the crucial relationship between culture and contemporary society.

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June 12th 2010 DEPARTURE

2010-06-09 09:18

2010-06-09 23:25

Train station in Hanoi, Vietnam
2010-06-10 19:11

Huang long bus
2010-06-10 23:30

2010-06-10 23:42
2010-06-11 06:25

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Artist Zhang Hui (right)
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June 15th - The group hold a meeting in the Meta House. A local press and cultural professional, almost angry, asked one of NGO's staff to request the group to openly present their project. They replied immediately, Wang Jianwei's answer was:

"I've never been to Cambodia, before I came, I prepared some questions, if all these questions were clear to me I don't know what I would have come.
Each time you exhibit in any place in the world, you have to act as someone who has an identity, a Chinese. Post colonialism considers that all the people from different regions and their culture should be respected, but this logic has a main problem -- you can only present your difference, you can only focus on the issues you're facing in this local place, as for knowledge, philsophy, they have been filtered by a legal reason. Do we actually need our body and action to created a new situation that doesn't have to be filtered.
I want to solve or analyse the questions I prepared by walking around. This is one of this trail reason, I accept all the doubts and issues that might be aroused about me.
Silence is a certain communication, un-confidence is also a kind of communication. It's an open way of thinking.
The act of talking doesn't show an interest in secrets, political secrets and private secrets are different, awareness only would put these things together and turned secrets into a political matter, that's when violence happens.

Nowadays, the multinational's most convenient thing is capitalism and products, our history, memory, art still have difficulties to cross borders, this proves that this Ho Chi Minh trail has already been dismembered into pieces, and this gives to this trail all its meaning."

Where does your complex of superiority come from? -- Zhang Hui
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Talk moderated by Zhang Hui
June 17th, 23:00

Liu Wei, MadeIn Company, Zhang Hui: "Generally speaking everyone sat closer and closer to Daravuth and was attracted by his non-profit project. However due to translation issues (translation by SA SA Art gallery's manager), some moments felt embarassing...
Reyum's founder, Daravuth talking with Ho Chi Minh trail group.

Ho Chi Minh Trail
Zhang Hui's talk: "Chinese contemporary art 'killing' meeting". 
June 17th, 23:00

Ho Chi Minh Trail group arrived to the city of Ho Chi Minh.
After MadeIn company turned the discussion about failure of Chinese contemporary art critic into a critic about failures in artists' creation, the second talk was moderated by Zhang Hui who wanted to point out how these last two years sometime artists' theories strongly interact on their creations, and the relations between theory and practice...

But after a while, the discussion became a direct critic to some of Ho Chi Minh Trail's participants (Liu Wei, MadeIn company, Wu Shanzhuan, Gao Shiming, etc.).

Each of them were 'analyzed' and openly criticized.

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Wang Jiahao's talk: Chinese contemporary art 'killing' series - Ho Chi Minh Trail
June 18th, 14:00

The "Chinese contemporary art 'killing' series - 1" was moderated by Wang Jiahao.
Everyone this time aimed at Wang Jianwwei, whose main issue is the use of 'key ideas' in his last years' creations.