THE RISE OF NO REVOLT - by Konstantin Bayer
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A residency of the german artist Konstantin Bayer. This show consists of a first selection of photography, installation and object works. Probably during his short stay he will recreate the rough small space spontaneously and frequently. Please feel welcome at Yongkang Road 64, Shanghai.
visit: // // // // open: thu – sun 6 – 8 pm and allday on appointment // one white cherry tree with a flag on the road & Yongkang lu Art residency program with special thanks to island6 and Eigenheim Gallery (Ger)

- the rise of no revolt -

after one month in Shanghai I got an apartment – Taixing Road … and a new retail store for use in between as an art space … it was not the big love in the first moment but a big challenge … a new neighborhood … a new shop window ... an artistic residency ... – Yongkang Road 64 … I don’t know for how long I can stay here … they can find a new tenant every day … but ok I get used to this feeling … I leave the condition of the room rough like it was … may I can stay longer … the rise of no revolt … do not wake up sleeping dogs … whether modern improvements in our life justify all the strains on life they bring about … a social criticism on human behavior worldwide … so everything stays the same … also the thing I have to realize … to do art and to communicate art … here in China a different challenge … work in place … I will not change the world with this exhibition … the rise of no revolt … production periods are very narrow … so I keep on working and express myself … so feel warmly welcome in this room and thanks for visiting...

Works of "The rise of no revolt"– mental model –
pocket lamp , steel, acrylic glass
Shanghai 2010

– comfortable gathering I & II
Inkjetprint on Aluminiumboard,
Shanghai 2010

– a matter of time -
mascot, concrete, steel and wood
Shanghai 2010

– observing systems –
video presenter, various objects, television
Shanghai 2010

– back to ground (do something else with fossil fuel then to burn it) –
coal briquette raw material
Shanghai 2010

– historical fragment –
broken fragment, concrete, steel
Shanghai 2010

– the fishtank –
Inkjetprint on Aluminiumboard
Shanghai 2008