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Xin Yunpeng is not a tall guy, 1.65 metres. He actually cares about this, or he would never talk about this again and again.

He made a ceiling this time, 1.65 metres high, just like himself. This artwork has a support in the centre, the ceiling can be raised up or pulled down, therefore, a 1.88m guy can hold it up and totally go into it without bending his body; of course, the person opposite can do the same thing against the falling down ceiling. Maybe you can go in together with others, but remember lowering your bodies. If you want to come in, you must go into Xin's trap. This piece of artwork is called "UNIMPORTANCE".

The other piece of artwork from Xin is named "IT'S ME". All visitors got the same coming phone call without calling numbers, that they spoke to their phone but completely no answer. Now, you know that was a prank from Xin as well.

Xin wants name this series "职业的敌人" in Chinese, which means professional enemies or occupation's enemies. There are two interpretations in the title. The seesaw and the phone call express all the enterable, the unenterable, the tall, the short, the straight body walking, the bending body walking, the answering, the non-answering, the speaking, and the non-speaking. He literarily shows the height and breath up, and makes all people enemies to each other. Xin is pretending innocent, "that's very impersonal", and he was saying.

Zhao Chen

4th June 2010