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Curator: David Chan
Artists: Chen Yujun (Hangzhou); Cheng Ran (Hangzhou); Leung Meeping (Hong Kong); Liang Yue (Shanghai); Ni Haifeng(Amsterdam/Beijing); Donna Ong (Singapore); Maria Taniguchi (Manila/ London); Wang Jianwei (Beijing); Yuan Yuan (Hangzhou);
The exhibition in May at Osage Shanghai simulates a temporary dwelling for visitors to better learn a local lifestyle.

With the 2010 world expo opening during the month of May, Shanghai has gone through a dramatic process of gentrification. Such a face lift is to endorse the visions of the future by realising many high profile modernisation projects. Somewhat untouched by this master narrative is Duolun road where Osage Shanghai is located.

The social activities in this bazaar area project a humanistic spirit that not only speaks of a coexistence of the past and present, but it bears witness to a belief that has lived and is still living simultaneously. Situated at the former residence of renowned political writer Wang Zaoshi, Osage Shanghai invites nine artists to articulate the notion of home and to tease out the social relevance of a cultural institution relative to a vibrant neighbourhood. Home-stay attempts to unfold the many subtle readings of entertainment, displacement, memory, writing, narration, domesticity, nostalgia, migration and design, issues that have close ties with the exhibition site and its immediate surroundings.

Opening Reception: Saturday, 22.05.2010, 6pm

text source: Osage Gallery Website



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Cheng Ran, Midnight Art Museum, installation, 2009

An room composed of wood boards with a light house and disco balls in it. The museum is turned into a misty and shiny place, beautiful and superficial. A party place without any content but fog.

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Doona Ong  2009 A City Dreams Of Itself

Doona Ong's work focuses on our fascination for cities, skyscrappers, tall and nice but fragile and empty.

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Wang Jianwei Production 1997A video shot in a tea house in Sichuan where people gather and talk about various topics of everyday life, etc.This video was presented in "Documenta 10".

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Paintings by Yuan Yuan

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Ni Haifeng

the artist collected various kind of objects from people living on Duolun road (the street of the gallery) and exhibited them together with his own artworks in a room with a video of the collecting process.

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Left: Liu Jianhua

Ni Haifeng (left) Shi Yong (right)

From left to right: Yang Zhenzhong, Liu Jianhua, Zhou Hongxiang