[View] 51 m2: 7# Hu Xiangqiang performance
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51m2: 7# Hu Xiangqian

Opening time: May 15th 2010, 15:30
Performance time: May 15th 2010, 16:00 - 16:30
Exhibition dates: May 15 to 29, 2010
Venue: Taikang Space

text and image above from: http://www.taikangtopspace.com/

Over the past two centuries, museums have been considered sacred places to showcase developments of human civilization. As a dominant force in the contemporary cultural scene, they are playing an authoritative role in artistic collection, exhibition, publicity and education and are given different meanings in different contexts, taking on a variety of appearances. The latest “51m2” project by Hu Xiangqian addresses this issue with a performance where the artist uses his own body as a museum to challenge the value systems and dominant power of museums.

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Video of the performance: