Backstage Children / Woodcuts
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Franca Bartholomai's woodcuts are unique within German contemporary art. In no other artistic oeuvre is the tradition and iconography of the woodcut combined with romantic and psychedelic motifs from the 19th and 20th centuries, forming images of such expressive power. This is darkly fascinating work.
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May 15 to June 13

Opening time: Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 2pm to 6pm.
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Add: Room310, Building11, 696 Weihai Lu (near shanxi bei lu)

Contact: 158 0187 1372
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Laying out the decorations in your room is easy. You can zoom in decorations to make them larger, or zoom out to make them small enough so they appear to fit right onto your wall. Sadly, rotating objects is out of the question.
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