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Ukraine - Liao Guohe's solo exhibition

May 8th - June 20th 2010

Venue: Shopping Gallery
4/F, Bldg 7, 50 Moganshan Road 200060 Shanghai (new address)
T: +86 21 62985696 / F: +86 21 62504562

It should be said that “Ukraine” is an exhibition that was fully prepared. Years before, the artist thought of this exhibition’s topic and started a friendship with an Ukrainian girl. Using hypnosis, she guided him through more than twenty Ukrainian states. Works displayed in Shopping Gallery are all inspired by the things seen and heard in Ukraine. A critic who has seen the works said: “your works diffuse a surprising brightness, where madness and thinking coexist, tyranny and purity are entangled, I like your work.” Liao Guohe explains that his creations don’t simply attempt to describe the beauty and romantic aspect of Ukraine, they aspire to support people who participated to the great cause of National Reconstruction, to give them courage and confidence...
Ukraine – Liao Guohe’s solo exhibition will be held in Shopping Gallery from May 8th to June 20th, 2010.

Interview with Liao Guohe
March 8, 2010

What do you think of the actual political situation in Ukraine?
Liao Guohe (LGH): From a political point of view, I think that History gave a chance to Ukraine. Hope that Ukraine will be able to fully use this opportunity and overcome its difficulties.。

How does Ukraine solve the ethnical geographic borders’ issues? As well as influences the countries around? For example Romania.
LGH: As for the 3rd World’s ethnycism movement, particularly in nationalist countries, I consider that China is one entity, the thought of an ethny in the world is applicable. I travelled in Ukraine, in fact I put this thought into practice. However, I have never been to Romania, hope I will have the opportunity to go there one day, and find a Romanian girlfriend.

What is your opinion on the presidential election in Ukraine?
LGH: Ukrainian people can choose a president according to their interests, because no one is stupid.

What is Ukraine opinion on the global warming?
LGH: The whole humanity fights again the global warming, develop low-carbon emissions economy is the main direction that all the countries should follow. I saw that Ukraine is also attempting to modify its ways of development, promoting energy conservation, pollution reduction, resources recycling and forest plantation. For example, I saw that they use cowpats to build houses, that occupy a very small surface but can receive a lot of people. I think it is very good.

What is the attitude of China concerning Ukraine independence and foreign policy?
LGH: I think that in the future China will give Ukraine the main power of decision, we just have to wait and see.

What are the influences of Ukraine election on the country order?
LGH: Since I broke up with my girlfriend, I don’t have the opportunity to go to Ukraine anymore, in other words I haven’t been there for months, therefore I only know the election situation through the media.

What about the issues on Ukraine economy development?
LGH: All the Ukrainian people I met didn’t have much money, but everyone is optimistic, on the surface, you can’t see how important are the issues they are facing.

What is the opinion of Ukraine about Irak?
LGH: I also asked this question to a lot of Ukrainian people, but they didn’t know where Irak was.

What is at the heart of Ukraine foreign policy? Would it be to enhance the Ukraine-Europe relation?
LGH: A lot of Urkainian people told me, “if I was also Chinese that would be good”, so I think that the most important for Ukraine foreign policy is to improve the Ukraine-China relation.

What are the relations between Ukraine and its neighboring countries?
LGH: Ukrainian people are as nice as us, Chinese people, everyone respect the rule “I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me”.

About the famine that happened in Ukraine, what did the government learned from it to prevent that such a tragedy happen again?
LGH: Ukrainian people never talked about it, so I didn’t know about this famine, what do you want me to say.

What is your opinion on the fact that Ukraine joined the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the NATO?
LGH: Ukrainian politicians consider that this is almost a revolutionary breakthrough for the national military policies.

What are Ukraine efforts to fight against drug?
LGH: Once, in a small town by the Dnieper river, I was about to eat a small pill to give me some energy, and a Ukrainian person suddenly came, making a movement as if I had a knife under my throat, I was so afraid that the pill slipped from my hands, he immediately took it and stamp on it. I think that this is most Ukrainian people’s attitude when facing drug issues.

What about the probability of tax policy modification in Ukraine?
LGH: As for tax policy, I think Ukraine will refer in the future to the Chinese system.

What is your opinion about Ukraine’s policy on rural economy?
LGH: My girlfriend’s family comes from the countryside in Ukraine, therefore I think that it is an effective policy.

What do you think of Ukraine capitalizing enforcement which led to a division in the people’s economy?
LGH: I’m a little bit worried, but life continues, in summary, even if it get worse what can happen? By the end everything will be fine.

Do you think that Ukraine’s “Orange revolution” will happen again?
LGH: Are you talking about mandarin, I sometime use orange in my paintings, but it doesn’t have any revolutionary connotation, just have a look and we can talk about it later.

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Left, ShContemporary Art Fair director Colin Chinnery with Liao Guohe on the right.

Left, ShanghArt director Lorenz Helbling with artists Shao Yi and Shi Qing.

Left, artist Shi Yong

Left, artist Qiu Anxiong

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if I was also Chinese that would be good