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Date: 2010.04.17 – 2010.05.31
Artist: Li Hui
Curator: Wei Xing
(text source: Tang contemporary Beijing website)

Li Hui is undoubtedly a leading figure amongst artists born in the post 70's. He has interests in a wide variety of things, especially towards films and mechanics. As an artist who applies reverse thinking, Li Hui is able to capture and express the subliminal contents within both social phenomenon and his personal experiences which he blends into his creativity. As an artist with high abilities in manoeuvre and is sensitive with material and tight grasp of his content, Li Hui is continuing to project himself in his set course in exploration of the "natural state" and "spirit" of his subjects, emphasizing uncertainty and unpredictability, creating a new content of speech in the 3-dimensional sphere of material and form, in bringing forth a detailed attentiveness for life amongst the rigidity of electronics and mechanics.

Recently, Li Hui had been expanding his language in art by introducing spatial elements into his art as one of his principal dimensions, breaking his original concept where the subjects are treated as an independent entity, instead, they become a part of the space and time relations which surrounds them. The works which Tang Contemporary Beijing will be exhibiting explore both his unfailing aesthetical tastes for materials, as well as his breakthroughs in artistic thought which transcended from the specifications of form to the more profound conceptuality and spirituality of his artworks. For this upcoming exhibition, Tang Contemporary Beijing will transform the exhibition space into a part of the artwork, the space becomes the artwork and the artwork is the space itself, forming a realistic, at the same time, surrealistic spatial environment in effort to allow the audience to experience tension and repression in a relative vast and empty surrounding, which may reflect the changes taking place in the psychological spheres when confined within extreme surroundings. For Li Hui, this exhibition will witness his change from the actual to the nil. This signifies an inevitable change from one stage into one with more room for creativity.

Li Hui was born in 1977.Graduated form CAFA, he is now working and living in Beijing. He held a Solo Exhibition "SPIN" in Tang Contemporary Beijing with Taiwan artist Hong Donglu, in 2009 Tang Contemporary Hong Kong held solo exhibition “Dialectics of Void and Substance”. He had also had many group and solo exhibitions in Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Indonesia, Austria and Italy.

A Very Long Joke by Shi Wanwan

Date: 2010.04.17 – 2010.05.31
Artist: Shi Wanwan
Curator: Wei Xing
(text source: Tang Contemporary)

Amongst the young artists of the post-80's,Shi Wanwan is relatively more fond of thinking and is well-read which makes his artworks reflect sentiments of introspection, these introspections are often projected upon moments in history or related to expressions of ideology or the current status of the society. However, those topics are shared by many other artists, but Shi Wanwan's artworks often shows light-heartedness, mockery illustrated with mild colours, his personal style shows the romanticism and a joking nature of the youth, without much literary explanation and burden of needing to be politically correct. That make his artworks stands out amongst others works. It is hard to find a clear manifestation or tendency towards a certain "ism" in his work, he attaches more relevance to the independent and freedom of self-expression which is probably the collective-feature of the post-80's generation.

The five pieces shown in his up-coming solo exhibition in Tang Contemporary Beijing are all installation and video-works. "Colour Revolution" involves the relationship between the national flag and the transition of the political zeitgeist of the nation, the 16 flags represents almost an entire age, an age divided by ideology. The work condenses the entire historical phase - from the globalization of "Communist International", to the globalization in our present times. Video installation piece "Gadfly" came from the artist's personal reading experience where the father signs the death warrant of the son and the death-note the son left to his lover. Spirits are high and light-hearted. The water (tears) is the reminisces of those hurting in the society, or the reminisce of the society.

"Hard Times" came from primary school text books in the 80's, making it an integral part of ideology and memory and of the post-80's generation. In this video art-piece, the old man disappears from the image, leaving behind the telling and listening of child. (the sounds in the earphone)

"Freedom Leads the People" looks more like a satire of French politics, a flag of red, white and blue is covering the body of a sexy lady. Actually, these 3 colours signifies the transition of optical transition of one form of globalization (Communism) to another (Liberal Capitalism), telling us that as the audience analyzes the process of this transition, we will inevitably notice only the sexy lady. Here, temptation is what leads and the people will always be led.

Shi Wanwan was born in 1981 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province and is now working and living in Beijing.

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