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Colin Chinnery "Fruit"

If the cultural representation of three-dimensional space has historically relied on perspectival systems—specifically, parallel
perspective in the East and linear perspective in the West—then the question arises as to what current practices might say about
our contemporary condition. Paralinear includes works in a range of media that construct, and reside in, a moment of spatial and
psychic ambiguity.
In these efforts by Asian artists, space is neither central nor irrelevant but is rather reconceived as being both disjointed and
elastic, fragmented and relational, linear and cyclical. Now destabilized, the vanishing point—that elusive focal device, used in
constructing perspectives, that is always visible yet never within reach—thereby indicates a crisis in our understanding of progress,
by which space is no longer finite nor infinite, but rather a site of orientation, disorientation and non-orientation.
Aric Chen, Beijing, January 2010

Aric Chen,北京,2010年1月
source: Peking Fine Arts Website - press release

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Peking Fine Arts wall has been covers with a picture of another part of the gallery.
Work by Wang Chuan.

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On the right side of the space two works: an installation by Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho consisting in a white tent, with a rotating projections of paintings he realized.

Three paintings by Liang Wei.

Liang Wei 梁伟,《更多之间》,2008,250x200x4cm

Liang Wei 梁伟,《延伸》,2008,300x300x4cm

Liang Wei 梁伟,《跌》,2008,170x170x4cm
A video by Li Yongbin "Face", featuring the face of the artist blurry.

Li Yongbin, "Face", 63 min, 2007
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Video by Ma Wen 《脑海风尘》A man and a horse with a painted landscape as a background.

Ma Wen 马文,《脑海风尘》,10min,2010

Outdoor, a work by Colin Chinnery "Fruit", where cactus are displayed on the grass as well as stainless steel country maps.