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Antenna--Liu Weijian solo exhibition

Opening: 20th, March, 2010, (Sat.) 4:30pm-6:30pm
21 Mar.- 9 May. 2010
ShanghART H-space
Bldg. 18, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai
T: +21 63593923
1 p.m.- 6 p.m.

ShanghART is pleased to announce Liu Weijian - Antenna, the young painters first solo exhibition with shanghart. Liu Weijian's new paintings are impressive in scale as well as in consistency. Mostly held in douche and dark colors, however, there is something unsettling and uncanny in his painted environments. He uses acrylic for its post-industrial features, which fits the way he announced anti-expressionism. The paintings that will be exhibited concern various series like environment, memory and mood.
Regarding the work, me is not an important factor. I get tid of the flavor I sense to whatever interests me. Eventually I want to make them into specimen so as to collect them all. --Liu Weijian

Liu Weijian was born in Shanghai in 1981. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 2005, respectively. Now he lives and works in Shanghai. Liu Weijian has participated in numerous exhibitions including “The Call of the Crows-Liu Weijian's Solo Exhibition”(2007), BizArt Art Center, Shanghai; “Shouting Truth: A Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2007), Platform China, Beijing and “Shanghai History in Making from 1979 till 2009” (2009), Shanghai etc.

Hangzhou artist, Chen Xiaoyun (left) and Xiang Liqing (right)

Wu Meng (first on the left) and Zhao Chuan (experimental theatre "Grassstage"), artist Zhang Ding, Alexia Dehaene from BizArt Art Center, artist Zhang Enli (first on the right)

ShanghArt gallery artistic director and artist Shi Yong

Artist Liu Weijian (on the left), Zhang Enli and Shi Yong