[View] Word Chains - by Zhou xiaohu - Long March
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This exhibition presents the latest series of ceramic Word Chains by China's leading new media artist Zhou Xiaohu. In the last two decades Zhou Xiaohu (b. 1960, Jiangsu Province) has pushed the boundaries of sculpture, video, animation and interactive media. Through theatrical narrations, his work examines the disguised spaces between observed living situations and their mediated realities as told through popular media.

Word Chains consists of five pairs of sculpture and video that address voluntary and involuntary situations of misunderstanding, forgetfulness, education, and reproduction. Zhou ponders upon the similarities between video editing and building sentences as he seeks to surpass the logic of literal narration and allow the complexity and multiplicity of perceived realities. The videos are painstakingly shot frame to frame through slow adjustments of miniature ceramic sets. Each set is now presented frozen in time and placed adjacent to its running film, thereby creating an overlapping sense of surreal space and time.

Zhou Xiaohu’s work has been extensively exhibited locally and abroad, including the seminal exhibitions ‘Shanghai Biennale 2000’ and ‘Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China’ in International Center of Photography, New York, USA (2004). His work has been presented at prestigious institutions as Tate Liverpool, UK; Kunst Museum, Bern, Switzerland; Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China and the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Wien, Austria.
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Left, Long March Space director Lu Jie - Right, artist Zhou Xiaohu
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The story begins with a leaking tap, a shower, and a man sitting in a bathtub.

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sculpture series
ceramic, 2010

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The Christie's affair about the Summer Palace's rabbit and rat heads statues. A video on legality and pursue.

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"NATIONAL TREASURE"sculpture seriesceramic, 2010.

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Here, the Lacoon isn't fighting for life against snakes, his flesh is cut by small people to build a "Forgotten Column"

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"MONTAGE STRUCTURE"from the sculptures we can obviously see that this story has been "mounted". Politics and murder, leaders and assassins. Each secret plot appear like a box filled with negatives.

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"DARWIN'S FROG"a girl asleep in the body of a strange creature, the softness of the flesh prevents her from external danger.

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