[ View] Beijing Commune - 7 young artists
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Hu Xiaoxiao 胡筱潇

A work made of newspaper inspired from a song of the 80's and its video.

Hu Xiaoyuan 胡晓媛

the artist drew wood veins and details on frames and canvases.

Clothes and shoes drawn on a cupboard.


Lu Yang 陆扬

A face buried in the sand moving as if it was alive.

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Ma Qiusha 马秋莎

A video installation, impossible to photograph. An object similar to a jelly fish floats and moves in a television monitor. The monitor has been packed in a black net, leaving light to pass through it.

Pan Xiao Rong 潘小荣

Wang Guangle 王光乐

Zhao Yao 赵要
An installation reproducing farting and burbing noises as well as other sound related to digestion.

Another work consists in a video made of 20 000 photos of the sun taken within a year from Beijing buses.


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