Open Call for Chinese Artists! Residency in Italy
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Global Art Programme Waiting for Expo 2015 – Italy - China, Open Call for Chinese Artists! Residency in Italy 2010

3/10/10 - 7/2/10

source: Arthub Asia website

Arthub Asia is glad to support the candidature of an artist fro P.R. China to a residency and artistic project in Milan in preparation for the Expo 2015.
The selected artist will be invited to spend three months (the “Period”) in Italy:
one month in Milan, one month travelling around Italy and then another month in Milan.
The Artist will receive:
Accommodation and meals throughout the Period; Round trip travel expenses; A Euro 2,000 (gross) grant; Production costs for the realization of the Project (as defined below) of up to Euro 6,000; Assistance from local curators and organizers; an Exhibition of the Project; Publication in a catalogue.
The Artist will be required to: Keep a diary - in any form - during the Period; Spend at least one week working with groups of children on the theme “surprise” ; Realize the Project; Participate in the production of a solo exhibition of the Project at the end of the Period; Co-operate with the curators and coordinators of the Programme; Transfer the ownership of the diary, of the Project and of any related rights to an entity that will be designated by the organizers of the Programme; Keep responsibility of visa, vaccinations and personal insurance.
The Application
In order to apply for the Programme you must:
• Be born between 1 January 1969 and 1 January 1989;
• Be a citizen of the Country or have legally resided in the Country for at least two years;
• Speak and write English fluently;
• Have participated in art shows, workshops and/or residency programs in accredited spaces;
• Have had his/her works published on catalogues or art magazines.
Applications to the Programme must:
• Be submitted in two identical copies. One copy must be sent to:
Corso di Porta Nuova 49,
Milano 20100, Italy
and one to Arthub Asia (see address on the side), no later than 2 July 2010;
• Include the completed and signed application form that can be downloaded from the site or downloaded here, together with all the information and documents listed on the form;
• Include a presentation and description of the art work that the applicant will create during the Programme (the “Project”). The Project must be inspired by one of the following themes: (i) healthy and adequate nutrition, (ii) the environment and ecologically compatible energy or (iii) geo-architecture
• For complete list of regulations please click here
The Selection
A commission comprising Italian members and members of the Country will examine the applications and designate the winning Artist at its unfettered discretion. If no interesting Project is submitted, the commission may resolve not to announce a winning Artist.
The rights on the drafts of the Projects will remain with the applicants save for those of the winning Artist that will be transferred to Artegiovane Milano. The Projects will not be returned to the applicants unless expressly requested in writing and provided that the relevant courier costs are paid in advance in cash by the applicants.
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see for current artist doing residency with artegiovane in milan
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sorry the link is
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can i try to submit some of my works for appraisal?
My Email is:
could you please write to me and i will know your mail and answer it ?!!!

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