[Views]Zhou Tiehai's solo exhibition at MOCA
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Opening: Tuesday, Feb 9th, 7-9 pm
Venue: Shanghai MoCA
People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Rd, Shanghai

Further info on www.shanghartgallery.com

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Since 2005, Zhou Tiehai has been working on a series of French desserts, inventing or reinventing them: diplomate, juge, ministre, prof, commissaire, sycophante, caroleuse, blancheresse, financier, bouffon...

For this work, the artist collaborated with a French chef, Richard Toix, who created various recipes. A series of desserts was already shown at the booth of ShanghArt gallery in FIAC in 2009. This time desserts were prepared and offered to the audience. Each dessert has an introducing text explaining its origin, its flavour, ingredients, etc, all including various references to the French culture.

In this exhibition was presented the "Caroleuse", a ten pages article describing the story, characteristics of this dessert since Middle Ages, mentioning numerous writers, composers, events, etc...That were all depicted in 400 paintings.



Heard friends saying that the desserts were delicious... unfortunately I came to late and didn't have the chance to eat any....

Artists Shi Qing (left) and Zhang Ding (right)

Leo from James Cohan gallery (right)

Saatchi Website journalist, Chris Moore

 草台班 Theatre company Wu Meng (left) and Zhao Chuan (right)

ShContemporary director, Colin Chinnery

  Artist Mathieu Borysevicz (left), Chambers Fine Arts Gallery's Simon Kirby (middle) and artist Zhang Qing (right)

Artist Zhou Tiehai

More than 400 paintings (representing references in the "Caroleuse" introducing text) exhibited.