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Katarzyna Kozyra

(以下资料都从艺术家的网站来的 - all the pictures and texts were extracted from the artist's website


"如果我这么决定一个目标, 我就更进步.我很有可能属于这种必须追求一个不可能的目标的人.我就这样给我自己一个机会,因为我真的相信它, 而看重它;我给我自己一个机会来探索一些完全新的东西。”“If I set such goals for myself, then I got a lot further. I'm probably one of those people who has to set their sights on an impossible goal. That's how I give myself chance, because I really believe in it, and take it seriously; I really give myself a chance to explore things that are completely new for me."

Katarzyna Kozyra 1963年生于波兰华沙,住在波兰华沙, 意大利Trento 和德国柏林



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punishment and crime, video installation, 2002

The work is presented on one big screen and seven video monitors. It explores the other side of men's/boys' behaviour and fascinations and shows a group of men engaged in paramilitary activities. For them, the weapons and explosives are not simply a hobby but a deep passion. Free of any ideals or ideological goals, their obsession appears primal and atavistic. The artist documents the actions and activities of this group. On one level, these resemble innocent childhood war games, while on another, due to the genuine danger and violent force of real weapons, bullets and explosives, they are closer to actual military operations. The faces of the participants are camouflaged with masks representing faces of pin-up girls or Playboy models. This softens the effect of danger and fear without depleting the authenticity and documentary character of the footage.

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pyramid of animals, life-size sculpture, video, 1993

The artist's degree piece, presented at the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The work consists of four stuffed animals: a horse, a dog, a cat and a rooster, and of a video documenting the process of the horse being put down and skinned. A written commentary by the artist forms an integral part of the work.
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the rite of spring, video installation, 1999—2002
神圣的春天, 录像装置,1992-2002

The work was inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky's choreography for Igor Stravinsky's ballet The Rite of Spring, and produced as an animation. Version I is shown on six small monitors arranged in the form of an inner and an outer circle (three monitors each), and shows a fragment of the Dance of the Chosen Victim, lasting thirty seconds. Version II is on nine large screens, arranged as above, and shows the animation of the whole, 4.5 minute long, Dance of the Chosen Victim.

这个作品与Vaslav Nijinsky和Igor Stravinsky的“神圣的春天”(Sacre du printemps)有关。
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the olympia, 1996, installation

the olympia, 1996,装置






The work is composed of three large scale photographs and a 12 min. video. The first photograph depicts the artist as Manet's Olympia, the second shows her on a mobile hospital bed, the third depicts an old woman. The video documents the artist being fed on a drip while undergoing her treatment for cancer.

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men's bathhouse, video installation, 1999




Produced for and first shown at the Venice Biennale, where the work received an Honorable Mention. Men's Bathhouse consists of four simultaneous projections (each lasting 8 min.) onto four 105 x 140 cm screens mounted within an octagonal architectural structure, suggesting the interior of a bathhouse. The projections are visible both within and outside of the construction. The screens show scenes from the footage shot at the Budapest bathhouse, and show men's behavior at the bath while being filmed with a hidden camera. The artist is disguised as a man and appears among the other men being filmed in the bathhouse. A three minute film of the artist disguising herself is screened on the small monitor situated at the entrance of the installation.

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lords of the dance, video installation, 2002


The installation consists of seven screens showing looped fragments of film of various lengths. From a crowd of motorcyclists a couple emerge; they perform a series of acrobatic exercises. The sequences of images draw upon a multitude of imagined versions of masculine idols, heroes, freedom fighters and personifications of solidarity. The artist harnesses a range of cultural clichés and invokes the comics, gadgets, films, kitsch and icons embedded in our everyday consciousness.



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《男孩儿们 Boys》

录像 摄影
video and photographs,