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Conspiracy Theory - New Works by Wu Daxin

What a cold work! A wall made of metal sheet, like a refrigerator, hiding a refrigerating system... Layers and layers of cold air are solidified on the wall. As Beijing's wheather is quite dry, water is regularly spread in the room. The machine has to be working 24hours a day.

Since British hackers declared the global warming was a conspiracy, the world has been changing. This winter has been particularly cold...
(written by art-bob in art-ba-ba chinese version)

Space Station is pleased to present Conspiracy Theory by artist Wu Daxin, at Space Station on January 23, 2010, in Beijing's 798 art district. Curated by Eric C Shiner from the Andy Warhol Museum, the show marks the US-based artist’s first solo exhibition.

Since Popper proposed his "conspiracy theory of society", the search for evidence of conspiracy has been ceaseless. From illuminati to "the lunar landing”, from Currency Wars to 9/11, none of these events have escaped conspiracy theories put forth by certain individuals or groups. In general, their arguments do not require precise evidence or supporting logic, they can be absurdly baffling, and provocatively stimulating. Such power games, interests often driven by antagonism, all seem to project the conspirators' impenetrable ulterior motives through behind-the-scene manipulation and an information monopoly. As a consequence, complex coincidental factors are often explained away as the ultimate evidence of plots and schemes.

Unquestionably, the Green House Effect thus becomes a vehicle for politics and power games in the name of fate: the fate of our race, the fate of humanity and the fate of the planet. Terms such as carbon dioxide, global warming, glacial melting and the green revolution are revered as objectives of our new scientific belief, or as politically correct values endorsed by the media. The Kyoto Agreement and the Copenhagen Summit, beside their close ties to the fate of the global population, also reflect a poignant conflict between developed and developing nations on issues of low carbon economic growth, custom tax on coal, agricultural production and climate issues along with its setbacks and developments. In the current exhibition, Wu Daxin applies physical principles to construct a wall of ice measuring 10 x 5 meters. The wall does not show any physical distinctions from the other walled surfaces in the space, suggesting that nothing has taken place. However, a minimalist white wall, that continuously crystallizes and captures water molecules evaporating into the air, can be understood as condensing the often overlooked butterfly-effect affecting regional climate change within the global context. His proactive experiment to lower global temperature as an act of human intervention on the deteriorating ecosystem in Beijing – the highest carbon emission city in China in a nation ranked the second highest in the world – hopes to initiate a discussion with the audience on the environment, climate, energy, economy, politics, media, science, humanity and their relationship with the world and international diplomacy

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