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Introjection -- Zhou Ming's solo exhibition

Opening: December 12th, 2009, Saturday, 16:00
Exhibition dates: December 13th 2009 to January 10th 2010
Venue: BizArt Art Center
4/F, Bldg 7, 50 Moganshan Road 200060 Shanghai
T: +86 21 62775358 / F: +86 21 62773400
E-mail: Vigy Jin vigyjin1020@gmail.com / Alexia Dehaene guanchaoqun@yahoo.com.cn

Zhou Ming born in 1978 in Harbin province, China, graduated in 2002 from the Oil Painting Department of the Shanghai University College of Fine Arts. Since 1998, he uses various media such as oil and digital painting, animation film and multimedia installations to create works focusing on issues linked to self-adaptation, experiences and contradictions relative to the surrounding world, instinctive desire and death, as well as the “after death”, this ultimate turning point, which shows a certain “nihilistic” state in dynamic changes. Since 2008, this search on perpetual disinclination led to the use of animation film as a creating media, and became part of the artist’s exploration on self-awareness.

This solo exhibition, Zhou Ming’s first one in ten years, will presents three works: an animation film, a multimedia installation with digital images and an internet interactive game. In the same vein as his previous works, Zhou Ming will analyse Human nature through a self-dissection. The title of the exhibition, “Introjection” is a psychoanalytical term defining a process where the subject assmilates attributes or objects of the surrounding world as part of itself. The same way as people who lose the one they love imitate his/her characteristics to comfort their sufferance. On the contrary, in extreme circumstances, people would commit suicide when unsatisfied by the society and the others. Introjection might also be a form of self-incrimination, people often imitate the particularities of the departeds to reduce their guilt-feelings. Works in this exhibition will reflect this disease’s manifestations. “Introjection” will be held from December 12th 2009 to January 10th 2010, in BizArt Art Center.

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Below: Enteroceptive Hallucination, animation film installation, 2009


Artist Yang Zhenzhong









Below: Migraine 1+, animation film, 2009

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