Wang Yuan: We have inherited whose culture?
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Wang Yuan: We have inherited whose culture?

China's culture has always been based on harmony. And diversity has also become the leaders of China as a foreign language foreign exchange. Look at Chinese history, Chinese people never take the initiative to invasion of other countries, even the most powerful and prosperous period of the interests of other countries do not attempt. But China's recent history shows that the Confucian idea is that other countries can not block China's attempt to ... the Chinese people have been entangled internal and external weakness humility. And often take the Western standards, China's affairs, which has been the historical habits.
Relations between countries and the relationship between people like.

I grew up often bullied by some hooligans. At first, the other side is also doubt about how you one thing, do not bump into you the first look to see if you have no reaction kick you look, and then punched and kicked the slapped in the face for money. Even if the reason you there, useless, you can not beat him. Why do some rogue one is not high, but he was afraid of everyone to see? Because he is not life. So, I have a principle that can offend you forgive someone three times, but never more than three. Because the reason you where, what is more important than the dignity?

Any country in its development stage, the inevitable to learn the advanced experience of other countries, but developed to a certain stage we must have its own independent thinking and direction of development.

Today, we have a certain degree of overall strength, why not the full reason?

I think that this kind of reasoning is culture. China's culture and the arts in today's prosperity is the surface picture. China's reform and open the influx of Western culture, in fact, cultural exchanges and learning is a normal thing. However, we always used to look around and see someone else's face ... since the so-called 85 times, China's contemporary art seems to be not the Chinese people in pursuing. From Impressionism to performance art, conceptual art, installation art, abstract art, video multi-media art, etc., all this is a western concept, reference, or genre. We inadvertently promote Western culture Everbright ...

Today, some scholars have suggested that China is also an abstract concept, which has been improved. I think abstraction is a cultural meaning, can not serve as representatives of the national culture. Abstraction is the product of Western culture, was once the concept of art. Abstraction it is not the invention of gunpowder and light, does not fit the culture of expression in China today.

I am not a narrow-minded nationalism, internationalism is nothing. When a country in the world on the stage without their own voices and perspectives of the time, there can be no equality or beyond. We need to have their own concept of cultural expression.

2009-8-11 Shanghai

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