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Date Nov 7, 2009 - Dec 5, 2009
Opening Nov 7, 2009, Saturday
Venue(s) Tang Contemporary Art Centre
北京当代唐人艺术中心 北京朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区

Curator(s) Wei Xing
Artist(s) MadeIn , Chen Wenbo, Liu Wei, Qiu Xiaofei, Wang Yin, Wang Xingwei, Yan Lei + Hong Hao , Yang Yong, Zhou Tiehai, Zheng Guogu
Organizer(s) Tang Contemporary Art Centre

(text from art-ba-ba reporter 阿提爸爸 )

Is there really a come back of the painting? Damien Hirst just did a painting exhibition, and happy people joyously say that this is a death sentence or conceptual art to itself. In this "Attitude of the Image" there are almost as many professional painters than unprofessional ones. What are the differences between them? Is it that some of the paintings are more flat than other? No! The answer can be guessed from the title of the exhibition, this is not a painting exhibition, but an image exhibition. An exhibition of images with acrylic + lynen. The way you paint doesn't matter much, the key is the image.

So is it painting that step into a dead end, or conceptual art? Warriors from different side depreciate each other. [...] Painting is not painting, image is not image, all the attitudes come from Mr. Zheng!

Careful, not dry!

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王兴伟 姐夫再忙,也没忘记你。



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