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Yu Ji's Solo Exhibition

Opening time: October 31st, 2009, Saturday, 16:00
Exhibition dates: November 1st to 30th, 2009, 11:00 – 18:00
Venue: BizArt Art Center
4/F, Bldg 7, 50 Moganshan Road 200060 Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 62775358 / F: +86 21 62273400
E-mail: Vigy Jin vigyjin1020@gmail.com / Alexia Dehaene guanchaoqun@yahoo.com.cn

Definition of acnestis: The part of an animal's skin that it cannot reach to scratch itself - usually the space between the shoulder blades. (source: Wiktionary)

This work by Yu Ji, realized for this exhibition, consists in a narrative video.

It recounts the behaviour of a young corpulent man in the summer, revealing influences of a surrealist corporal nature on himself and others. As liberty of behaviour is turned into a virtual performance, objectivity and truthfulness of the corporal existence become fake when confronted to the outside world, they sometime tickle our body, stressing our nerves out and making us feel the eternity of its existence. This shows a certain true aspect of this false objectivity. However, when we are bored, we can only use imagination to feel its influence and its emptiness, we live in the other's culture. A fabricated play of truth and fake, just like an unreachable itch, raveled, the same way as a cat would try to use paws to scratch, tongue to lick or teeth to bite a certain small unreachable part of its back…There will always be an acnestis.
-- Yu Ji, 2009.10.22.

Yu Ji born in Sichuan in 1965, graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1992, he lives and works in Beijing. His works mainly consist in videos, photographs, performances and installations. He participated to various exhibitions in China and abroad, such as "The First Triennial of Chinese Art", Guangzhou Arts Museum, Guangzhou, (China, in 2002), "The Biennale of Contemporary Chinese Art in Montpellier" (France, in 2005), "Building Code Violations II", Long March Space, Beijing (China, in 2008). Yu Ji’s exhibition will be held in BizArt Art Center from October 31st to November 30th, 2009.


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This exhibition was composed of five videos: "Bear's paws", "Cat", "Fish and Bear's paw", "Fish", "White horse".

The videos present one same character, a young corpulent man, interacting with various individuals: sometime a group of people, or with a single man, or with a single woman. One projection, titled "White Horse" present this character with a young girl watching each other, with sometime images of a white horse walking in a grass field. The artist presents here relations between people and their awkwardness aspect....

"Awkward and Vulgar"
By Wang Min'an

This work by Yu Ji focuses on encounters: the search, the proximity, the communication among people. A meeting between two persons, between a person and a group of people, between a man and a man, or between a man and a woman: these stammering encounters, knowledge, jealousy, unfamiliarity and guessing between people. Even in the nudity, even when revealing oneself without any inhibition, even in the corporal contact, even in the carnal love, people build an invisible door between them. Everyone is very scrupulous: silent, neither shouting with enthusiasm, nor raving with the intellect. As one makes the first step the other is undoubtedly passive; as one is peaceful, the other is nervous; as one makes advances the other eludes; as one is brave the other is afraid; the exchange between people starts in this amusing – but not ironical – way; when facing the other, one doesn’t trust and at the same time is attracted; feels shy and seduced; lacks of courage but is unwilling to give up; always hesitating, wandering, examining, always self-struggling. Isn’t that part of our life? These common things, in Yu Ji’s work, are manifested in a way that is… awkward. Yu Ji doesn’t plan to film these things in a poetic way, presenting a special aesthetic quality; he doesn’t want to shoot these things in a mysterious way, fascinating as a thrilling story; he doesn’t even plan to film them in a common way: like intentionally common stories. On the contrary, Yu Ji purposely films these things in an unpleasant way: he uses a style without style, or, an awkward style. This kind of awkward style almost implicates the awkwardness in people’s relations, yes, communication between people nowadays is awkward. The props of these awkwardness are: gimmicks, silence and vulgar music with disagreeable noise. Yes, vulgar: aside from being awkward, Yu Ji wants to film his work in a vulgar way: he wants to have both aspects together. Awkward here doesn’t mean to elevate people’s relationship at an ontological level, but to show it with a common vulgar feeling. That is how vulgar becomes awkwardness’ heart, while this last composes vulgarity’s aesthetic.

Artists Xiao Xiong with Shi Yong...

Many artists/art professionals came to see the show, among them: Yang Fudong, Zhang Hui and Zheng Weimin from the DDM warehouse.