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Academic Advisor: Wang Min’an
Curator: Zuo Jing
Opening: 26 September 2009, 4:00 pm
Dates: September 26 — November 22, 2009
Address: Iberia Center for Contemporary Art
E06, 798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Close to the south gate of 798)
Director: Xia Jifeng
Producer: Gao Ping
Organizer: International Art & Culture Foundation (IAC) of Spain
| Iberia Center for Contemporary Art
T: 86 10 5978 9530 / 5978 9030, info@iberiart.org

text source: Iberia Center for Contemporary Art website

Wang Yin graduated from Central Academy of Drama. In 1990, he had resided in art village in Yuan Ming Yuan Park, then moved to Song Zhuang in 1998 to begin his work as a professional artist. From ’85 New Wave to Yuan Ming Yuan Park and Song Zhuang, Wang Yin experienced the modern process of Chinese painting. Furthermore, he is always engaged on theater and had cooperated with director Lin Zhaohua on Hamlet in 1989 and with director Zhang Yimou on Turandot in 1996. In 2007, he worked again with Lin Zhaohua and Tan Dun on Assassin. He also worked on various kinds of operas such as HuangMei opera, Yue opera and Huai opera etc.

As with most artists of his age, his painting experience from boyhood undoubtedly grew out of the Soviet painting tradition. Additionally, the time he spent at university coincided with the arrival of Western humanist trends and fine arts theories that have created a "shock" in the society. This allowed him to be fully exposed to the avant-garde trends of thought from the West, especially those in fine arts and theatre. At that time in Beijing, the new trend in art was to replace the Soviet and Cultural Revolution painting experiences with Western avant-garde art and in this way challenge the tradition of art academies and the powerful official ideology in painting.

Wang Yin always attempts to make his paintings more provocative by capturing painting conceptions growing on daily life and his understanding of painting. “Painting should actually challenge the established paradigms; it should put to the test what perception renders stiff and systematic, the ‘good manners’ and ‘good taste’ of those pictures hung in living rooms and exhibits.” Different from conventional painters, Wang Yin has continued his interest in examing the inner logic of Chinese painting in the course of modernity. He introduces his personal feeling and thoughts into his understanding of Chinese modern painting. In other words, he internalizes the outside influence into a sort of purely embodied experience in order to sort out the inner logic.

The “conservative” and “old-fashioned” images from Wang Yin’s paintings seem to have distanced his painting practice from the development of Chinese contemporary art. Very few artists look backwards like him. Wang Yin once cited the sentence from A Dream in Red Chamber, “it's better to quote an old saying than to compose a new one”, which alludes to the fact that his way of working is somehow close to that of traditional Chinese intellectuals: “I interpret the classics, the classics interpret me”. After the turbulence of 1980s, at the time when history and culture, tradition and reality had been re-evaluated, Wang Yin found a way of his own, that is, review the tradition from the headstream of Chinese modern painting and use a simple and plain visual expression to convey his understanding on the relationship of tradition and present.

This exhibition will include more than 30 pieces of Wang Yin’s creation since 2003. Following the 2007 solo exhibition in German, this will be another grand presentation of Wang Yin’s work. The exhibition will be on view at Iberia Center for Contemporary Art from September 26th 2009 to November 22nd 2009.

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花 布面丙烯、油彩 230×360cm 2006
Flowers Acrylic and oil on canvas 230×360cm 2006

无题 布面油画 140×250cm 2008
Untitled Oil on canvas 140×250cm 2008

池塘生春草Ⅰ 布面油画 180×300cm 2008
Spring Grass Grows beside the PondⅠ Oil on canvas 180×300cm 2008

池塘生春草Ⅱ 布面油画 210×310cm 2008
Spring Grass Grows beside the PondⅡ Oil on canvas 210×310cm 2008

四季•夏 布面油画 200×310cm 2007
Four Seasons - Summer Oil on canvas 200×310cm 2007

生日 布面油画 230×180cm 2008
Birthday Oil on canvas 230×180cm 2008

鲁迅公园 布面油画 180×230cm 2003
Lu Xun Park Oil on canvas 180×230cm 2003

鲁迅公园 布面油画 140×180cm 2006
Lu Xun Park Oil on canvas 140×180cm 2006

工作室 喷绘水粉 104×70cm 2006
Studio Gouache on digital print 104×70cm 2006

无题 布面油画 180×230cm 2004
Untitled Oil on canvas 180×230cm 2004

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无题 布面油画 109×79cm 2006
Untitled Oil on canvas 109×79cm 2006

栖栖 布面油画 255×140cm 2007
Untitled Oil on canvas 255×140cm 2007

加油站 布面油画 200×260cm 2009
Gas Station Oil on canvas 200×260cm 2009

无题 布面油画 40×50cm 2009
Untitled Oil on canvas 40×50cm 2009

荷马 布面油画 160×110cm 2008
Homer Oil on canvas 160×110cm 2008

无题 布面油画 230×180cm 2009
Untitled Oil on canvas 230×180cm 2009

新青年与芒果 布面油画 230×150cm 2007
La Jeunesse and Mango Oil on canvas 230×150cm 2007

北岛 布面油画 120×150cm 2008
Bei Dao Oil on canvas 120×150cm 2008

无题(梅) 布面油画 220×150cm 2009
Untitled(Plum) Oil on canvas 220×150cm 2009

无题 布面油画 120×150cm 2009
Untitled Oil on canvas 120×150cm 2009

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无题 布面油画 120×150cm 2007
Untitled Oil on canvas 120×150cm 2007

无题 布面油画 35×70cm 2009
Untitled Oil on canvas 35×70cm 2009

自画像Ⅲ 布面油画 110×80cm 2009
Self-portrait Ⅲ Oil on canvas 110×80cm 2009

1926 布面油画 50×100cm 2005
1926 oil on canvas 50×100cm 2005

肖像 布面油画 53×36cm 2003
Portrait Oil on canvas 53×36cm 2003

肖像 布面油画 53×36cm 2003
Portrait Oil on canvas 53×36cm 2003


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