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Liang Shaoji's solo exhibition——An Infinitely Fine Line 
Presented by: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
Co-organized by: ShanghArt Gallery
Dates: Sep 11– Nov 1, 2009
Venue: Gallery 1-4, Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art
(No.28, Lane 199, Fangdian Road, Shanghai, China)
Opening Reception: 5:30pm, Sep 10, 2009
Artistic Director: Shen Qibin
Administration Director: Wang Chunjie, Zhao Song
Curator: Marianne Brouwer
Project Manager: Huang Yuelin
Project Coordinator: Kang Xusheng

You Si Miao refers to long, smooth and changeable lines like the strands of a spider’s web and such painting skill is often used in Buddhistic figures, flowing robes and the like. Ode to Goddess of Luo River, a masterpiece of the celebrated Chinese painter Gu Kaizhi to describe the love between man and goddess, is considered as the apotheosis of the use of this skill.

Artist Liang Shaoji tries to define You Si Miao, a relatively ancient topic, from a brand new contemporary perspective. As far as he’s concerned, You Si (silk line) has already become an indispensable tool to help him think: it can be considered as the long and winding lifeline of human, or traces left by history, or the entangled and chaotic thoughts….
With an attempt to present a panoramic view of contemporary use of “You Si Miao”, the exhibition, projecting on culture, art, biology and sociology, etc, reveals the dilemma between dream and reality, spiritual and material and seeks for the possibility to better and transcend ourselves.

Brief introduction of Liang Shaoji
Liang Shaoji, born in Shanghai in 1945, now lives and works in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. He graduated from Zhejiang Fine Art School, and studied at Varbanov, Institute of Tapestry in Zhejiang Academy of Art. Liang Shaoji has exhibited widely in international Biennales and Triennales, the Venice (1999), Istanbul (1999), Lyon (2000) and Shanghai Biennales (2000 and 2006) among them. In late 1980s he started working with silkworms, breeding them and using them in his works. From that moment on, a whole new oeuvre emerged, in which he tries to combine biology, bio-ecology, weaving and sculpture, installation and action.

Most pieces on display are his recent works and open to the public for the first time . Stay tuned!

Add: Bld.28, No.199, Fangdian Rd, 200135 Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-50339801
Fax: 86-21-50339803
Website: www.zendaiart.com

Opening Hours
Daily 10am-6pm
Free admission on Wednesday with extended hours from 10am to 8pm.
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