Marilyn 12 by Lawrence Schiller
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[p][Marilyn 12 by Lawrence Schiller

October 23 – November 22 2009

Opening Reception October 23 6 – 9 pm

(Beijing, September 14, 2009) LAN Beijing and F2 Gallery exhibit the famous

“Marilyn 12” photo series by Lawrence Schiller from October 23 to November 22 2009.

Twelve limited edition gelatin silver prints of Marilyn Monroe, icon and legend of the 20th century are on display at LAN’s art space, neatly tucked in between dining spaces of the breathtaking restaurant and club.

Contemporary art specialist Fabien Fryns presents the works by legendary photographer Lawrence Schiller in an approachable and modern setting. Photos of Marilyn Monroe are always special and even 47 years after her death the images of the iconic American movie star have not lost anything of their mystic and fascinating appeal. The film diva died suddenly at age 36 years, and the causes remain mysterious, though a medication overdose was reported in official papers.

Marilyn Monroe remains immortal until today, not only through her Hollywood legacy but also through the touching portraits of star photographer Lawrence Schiller.

Lawrence Schiller on Marilyn Monroe’s unique star presence:

“Marilyn is special in a different way because she was always battling to be taken seriously. Whether it was in her acting or whether it was in her personal life. When she spoke to you, she spoke in a way that you wanted to listen to her. That was the difference between her and those people in the entertainment business that I’ve photographed, or even outside of it: you always knew that you were seeing her in the middle of some bigger struggle. She didn’t exhibit it to you at that moment. It wasn’t written all over her face. But there was something that you could tell that was going on.”

(Part of Lawrence Grobel’s Interview with Lawrence Schiller, “Marilyn Monroe 12” catalogue, 2007).

“Marilyn 12” Photo History

Lawrence Schiller took the photo series “Marilyn 12” only two months before Marilyn Monroe’s sudden death in August 1962 on the film set of her unfinished movie “ Something’s got to give”.

The photographs include images from the last birthday of the iconic American sexsymbol, celebrated on location. Throughout the period Schiller worked at the film set to shoot Marilyn Monroe for Paris Match Magazine, a close friendship developed between them. One can hardly neglect the intimacy and easygoing atmosphere that meets the eye, a very private and carefree Marilyn Monroe becomes suddenly visible.

The price of this limited edition set (edition of 75) in the size 30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 cm) is US$ 75.000,- (RMB 512.000,-), excluding framing and mounting.

The images are also available as single prints with prices ranging from US$ 9.000,- to US$ 13.500,-, excluding framing and mounting.

The series is also available in 20 x 24 inches (edition of 75) and in 48 x 60 inches (edition of 35). Each work is signed and numbered by Lawrence Schiller.



The film producer, director and screenwriter was born in 1936 in Brooklyn, and grew up in San Diego. After graduating from Pepperdine College, he went to work for Life Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post as a photojournalist.

He published his first book, LSD, in 1966. Since then he has published eleven books, including W. Eugene Smith's Minamata and Norman Mailer's Marilyn. He collaborated with Albert Goldman on Ladies and Gentleman, Lenny Bruce and with Norman Mailer on The Executioner's Song and Oswald's Tale. He had directed seven motion pictures and miniseries for television; The Executioner's Song and Peter the Great won five Emmys.


LAN Club Beijing is an exclusive lounge and restaurant with global artistic taste.

Being the only work by renowned artist Philippe Starck in China, LAN holds a large number of art treasures and well-known antique furniture, like the world famous hand-made Baccarat crystal chandeliers, the black ones especially used by European royal families, and hundreds of world famous baroque paintings hanging from the ceiling and the walls in unique frames.

Additionally, a near to a 1.000 square meters large oil painting canvas painted by 20 foreign artists, was cut into pieces to fit LAN, which now form the walls of the 35 private rooms.

LAN holds a fresh looking oyster bar, a luxury cigar room, a red wine chamber, a classic English bar and a restaurant serving Contemporary Cantonese cuisine highlighting specialty dishes from all over China.


F2 Gallery is located in the cutting-edge Caochangdi area of Beijing adjacent to the world-renowned 798 Art District. The gallery is set in an idyllic courtyard and distinguishes itself by its lush surroundings, reflecting the very private relationship that the owners have with their clients and the artists whose work they represent and collect.

F2 Gallery aims to contribute to the cross-cultural exchange of blue chip and cutting edge contemporary art, in all its forms, between China and the West. Furthermore, F2 Gallery provides specialist consultancy services to artists, private clients, corporations, public institutions and museums.

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