[Views] Minsheng museum opening
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Minsheng Art Museum Opening 民生现代美术馆

Building F, No. 570 Huaihai West Rd,
near Kaixuan Rd

For the opening of this new museum, works by artists from China and Japan (mainly from ShanghArt and Boers-Li galleries) are presented in this large space. The exhibition gathers installations, paintings and videos.

Installation by Beijing young artist, Wang Yuyang


Ceramic installation by Shanghai artist, Liu Jianhua.
This installation "Regular-Fragile" has been previously exhibited in the Centre Pompidou in France, and in the Guangzhou Museum of Art (it was supposed to be exhibited in the Venice Biennale a few years ago, but it was during the SARS epidemic and the work had to stay in China...)


Shanghai artist Li Shan's pumpkin project...


Shanghai artist Ding Yi

Beijing artist, Sun Xun

Shanghai painter, Zhang Enli

Shanghai artist, Shi Yong

Japanese artist, Aki Lumi

Japanese artist, Yuki Onodera

Shanghai artist, Xu Zhen

Beijing artist, Shi Qing

Beijing artist, Liu Wei

Japanese artist, Yuji Ono

Beijing artist, Wang Guangyi


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Beijing artist, Qiu Xiaofei

Shanghai artists duo, Birdhead


Shanghai artist, Zhang Ding

Shanghai artist Zhang Enli on the left and Zhou Tiehai on the right

Wu Shanzhuan


Other Hu Xiaoyan's works


Zhou Tiehai on the left with Wu Shanzhuan




Works from the black board exhibition in ShanghArt.