[Views] Vanishing, Young Artists Exhibition
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at DDM Warehouse

Participating artists:

At the entrance is displayed Li Ming's work which consists in a series of videos featuring the artists using various material as breakwaters on a river.




Lu Jiawei displayed in the exhibition space furniture from his studio...



Huang Liya recorded sounds of people in his room...



Jiang Li, living in Beijing, sent a sponge and a bottle of water to be displayed in the space, the artist will send each a sponge and a bottle of water from Beijing and leave the water on the sponge to be evaporated. Then all the sponges will be sent back to Beijing.



Hu Yun realize a lamp according to the movement of the sun in the space. As the sun vanishes in the evening the light keeps moving as a natural sunray. 



Yang Junling, about a diver who drives a road roller and crushes a pig...

Gao Mingyan draw some figures out of the water leaks on the ceiling of the exhibition space.

Lu Pingyuan did a portable grave for animals. He collected within a days a certain amount of dead insects, put them in the coffin and incenerated them.  



Xie Donglei thinks that his father might have stolen his money, and started to film his father.



Tang Dixin went to Chongming with a Japanese person, unable to talk with each other they used writing to communicate...

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On Lin Ke's name card was written "I want to appear and disappear in anomity, this our boundary!"

Cui Shaohan produced a medication, so women won't be afraid of a one night affair. The work consist in the medication preparation and promotion plan.

Sun Huiyuan sprayed some red painting on public watching cameras.

Lu Yonglei displayed some homeworks from the period when he was in primary school and imitated his child writing to write a new text.

Zhang Lehua waited for his white hairs to become 10 cm long then used wind to make them fly.

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Artist Jin Feng

Curator Biljana Ciric

Artist Li Ming

Zhang Lehua (artist) on the left, and Biljana Ciric on the right

Artist Cui Shaohan


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