Opera Semele directed by Zhang Huan...
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Semele opera directed by Zhang Huan. 

Source: La Monnaie de Munt website http://www.lamonnaie.be/

This oratorio of great dramatic and formal intensity is one of the most popular works by Handel to be performed in opera houses. It will be conducted at La Monnaie by Christophe Rousset, who will lead Les Talens Lyriques orchestra. For his opera debut, Chinese artist Zhang Huan will present an original interpretation of this Greco-Roman myth, associating western and eastern imaginary worlds.
from 8 to 29 September 2009, La Monnaie

Meet the Artists
A chance to meet the orchestra conductor, stage director and singers from this new production. They will speak about their creative work and share their views of the project the day before the first performance.
>> 7 September 2009

Inside the Music
Discover Handel's score with a dramatist and a pianist: a fascinating hour of musical analysis illustrated by excerpts from the piano transcription of Semele and recordings of different performances.
>> 12 September 2009

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source: Art Daily

At a time when the west increasingly looks to China as a source of inspiration, the creation of Semele has involved an unprecedented level of collaboration between talent from China and the west. Working alongside Zhang, and underlining the truly international nature of the project, are Christophe Rousset, one of Europe’s leading baroque specialists, with one of the world’s foremost period ensembles, Les Talens Lyriques; Su Jie, one of China’s leading movement directors and choreographers; Han Feng, the internationally renowned fashion and costume designer; Wolfgang Göbbel, acclaimed stage and opera lighting director; and a brilliant cast that includes Ying Huang (soprano), Ning Liang (mezzo soprano), Jeremy Ovenden (tenor) and Nathan Berg (bass-baritone).

The myth of Semele was first recorded in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and like many ancient myths, examines the complex relationships between gods and mortals. This co-existence plays an important part in Chinese folklore too, and Semele’s core themes are familiar in Chinese culture. Zhang Huan’s reinterpretation of Greek mythology, influenced by his Chinese heritage and Buddhist imagination, creates a modern and challenging aesthetic which allows for a new understanding of baroque opera.

The central set and backdrop of Semele is an architectural installation of an original Ming dynasty ancestral temple, discovered by Zhang Huan in Qu Zhou, Zhejiang Province. The temple is a powerful symbol of ritual, which plays an important role in Semele as envisioned by Zhang Huan, who conceived the set design and props especially for the production.

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