Art Economies beyond Pattern Recognition
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Art Economies beyond Pattern Recognition

July 3th 2009, 16:00

Lecture concept by Biljana Ciric

Series of performative lectures related to art and economy
Public programming for Osage gallery around concept of the alternative economies
Contemporary art media platforms- Archive initiatives

This series of talks aims to bring recent initiative of media platforms in archiving of contemporary art and their different approaches. Dialogue tempts to share exchange of ideas in using media platforms in archiving present and past and their different supporting systems

Archiving in contemporary art from printed to web media gained in last few years channeled different information archives and different approaches to collecting and preserving certain information.

Printed media in China went through it’s very fast transformation process in last five year. Chinese contemporary art started with very few art professional publications while in last few years printed media presence turn into the industry in art world.

At the same time web became also information tool that because of it’s nature forced change of strategies on printed media in it’s approach.

During last few years media split into the two channels commercial and more academic once, the same happen with its web platforms

Raise of interest of usage of internet as a platform in many ways still can not substitute importance of presence of printed media because of the fast information flow and broader audience circle. But at the same time printed media are urged to re-define their own role and approach to art writing

Necessetty for collecting and classifying information in the art system turn to be also one of the important art media tasks.

Mostly seen as a very academic and research based process, archiving today in China lacks of very structural and calcified material division that will facilitate research in the future

Speakers invited to present developed their own approach in building archive. They will present their running mechanism, long term vision of archives and future archive related project

Speakers include:

Artlinkart (wikipedia of Chinese contemporary art) Zhen Weiming founder of Art link Art
Art World ( New media art archiving)
Contemporary Art and Investment Vice Editor in Chief Zuo Jing (Artistic Director of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art
Art Today Magazine , Wang Baoju, Today Art Museum Deputy Director ,Art today Magazine Chief Editor
Ionly ( exhibition history project)He Bin

Lecture Concept: Biljana Ciric
Venue: Osage Shanghai
Address: 93 Duolun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200081, China
Opening Reception: July 3th 2009, 16:00
Tel: (86) 21 5671 3605


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