Opening of Eastlink Gallery in Beijing...
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Opening of Eastlink gallery in Beijing

text source: Eastlink gallery website

Eastlink Gallery - Beijing
L314-319, 3[sup]rd[/sup] Floor, Euro Plaza, 99 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District,
Bejing, China 101300

Established in 1999 as one of the first galleries in Shanghai, Eastlink has continuously supported artists that have not yet been accepted by the mainstream by giving them a platform to communicate.

In June 2009, Eastlink opens its second space in Beijing, at Euro Plaza of Shunyi district. The opening exhibition Visual Experiment of Zhōngyōng invites five artists to show their works: C.Meng, Feng Lianghong, Ma Shuqing, Qin Yifeng and Yu Fan. Inspired by Zhongyong (the Doctrine of Mean) from the Four Books of Confucianism, the exhibition explores the idea that the ultimate pursuit of an individual lies in the perfection of one’s integrity and morality. It reflects upon the connection between Chinese philosophy and contemporary art so as to raise questions about the usual reliance upon theories derived from Western art history. This show represents Eastlink’s own oscillation between museum and commercial gallery whilst continuing to seek out and champion the works of ’s most innovative and experimental artists.